Dahab is a town an hour away from Sharm AlSheikh, and it is world famous for having one of the best diving spots in the world. The Blue hole and the Canyon are one of the best spots I’ve ever been to. I shot this video above as I was entering the canyon. It was breathtaking!




Crocs O-Dial_1

Just  got  an amazing set of Crocs o-dial cases, limited edition, from ANM, These little cell phone holders are just like the real  crocs shoes, I think most mobiles and little gadgets would fit perfectly. And they look good.

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Yesterday my family arrived from switzerland, ANM showed me a receipt with swiss francs. along with Kuwaiti dinars, I think its a wise move from their part. So no need to bother calculating anymore.


Office depot now open

The first Office Depot in Kuwait is now open at the avenues phase II near au bon pain and also near the soon to be opened Fantasy world.

Thanks Om Hamoody


This video reminded me of this other video Check it out. Notice the guy in the middle.

Thanks Taymoor


this is why youre fat

Just found out one of the most interesting blogs I ever met which is specialized in some junk/sweet/unhealthy … ect. food but in a very different way. You can check it out by clicking HERE


Just got an information that starting from tomorrow Zain will offer their latest EGO for only 1 KD if you sign up for a year on their standard data package (13.5 KD).


Mr.Delivery Will Help You

Have you ever gone to work and found out that your mobile, watch or even civil ID at home? never mind with Mr. Delivery which was spotted by Abdullah can deliver your things whenever wherever you are. You just have to call them at 22 4949 44 and give them your home address and your current address and they will calculate the delivery price for you. I think its a good idea for those who forget there things easily like Yousef’s camera (alah yaster 3asa mansa shay el shemata mo zaina ) 🙂

Thanks Abdullah


I used to have GB application in my BlackBerry and it was verry usefull but after they add 1xxx-xxx before any company number the program stopped working.. so any one got new update of it?


Do you remember my post about painting with light? It’s all about having a camera where you control it’s shutter speed, a torch and some creativity. check out my old post, it was fun.

Well now a french designer, Aissa Logerot, designed a torch that look like a spray can for an added graffiti-effect. I think it’s very clever!

Thanks Amani


taking pictures under water in Kuwait kubbar

I’m done with the Nitrox course and ready for Sharm AlSheikh, I also tried to use a camera underwater for the first time. I used my brothers digital camera and I have to say that I need a lot of practice! It’s extremely hard to take decent shots down there. You have no control over the distance between you and the thing you’re trying to shoot, no control over the lighting, and I can’t see the thing I’m shooting through the LCD screen! it’s pretty fuzzy down there.
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Yes, I don’t know who made this in 3D cartoon version but its amazing wallah, I’m wondering if there is a full version of the whole series in 3D cartoon.

Thanks 9K2HN


Nitrox and Sharm Al Sheikh

I’ll be going to Sharm Al Sheikh on saturday for diving. I’ve never been there but heard some good stuff about it. We’re going to see some old sunken ships, wreck diving, and I’m taking my brother’s digital camera so I could take pictures for you guys.

Since it’s sharm, I’ll be needing more time under water than I usually need, but as you may or may not know, longer times need longer breaks in between the dives, not to mention the awful side effects normal tanks cause…

So, I’m back at Bubbles diving center and taking a Nitrox class. The term Nitrox refers to the air we use in the tank. Usually we use a normal tank which includes 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. Nitrogen causes headaches and exhaustion and also reduces the dive’s time, but with this Nitrox, which is again a mix o gases, there is more oxygen (oxygen up to 32 or 36%), which reduces these unwanted side effects, and provide for longer dives and shorter breaks.

I just took the theory class today and will be diving this weekend using Nitrox for the first time.



I like this. I think it’s compact, serves as many things and saves a lot of space. I was thinking of getting one, and did a quick customization; chose the colors and the size. The price that came up was KD130 sans shipping. It’s a bit costy but in my opinion it might go pretty nicely with the place.

Check out their website http://www.anthro.com/ppage.aspx?pmid=54
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iDive for iPods and iPhones

It’s a water proof case for iPods or iPhones, it can be used down to 90 meters. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time, and I know some of my friends have been waiting too, but now that it’s here, I can’t decided whether it’s practical and worth it’s price or not. It’s $350.



New addition to the blogroll

We’ve just added a veteran blogger to the blogroll. It is the immensely talented, 1001Nights. I wrote about this particular blogger more than once, and I think her blog is unique and could be looked back at one day as the starting point of a great Kuwaiti author. Welcome 1001Nights.


Our friend over at Circus designs sent the following pictures of the Freeze Club and the Bowl Room at 360 Mall. I think it’s a nice change that we have such facilities in the malls now.

Check their new Website.

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buy ps3 slim from amazon

Amazon.de just placed a page that shows actually PS3 slim with an image of the console (above) that might quicklybe pulled out. The price will goes for around KD 205 .. if you want to place an prder now click HERE


There's got to be someone to blame

I don’t know who to blame, the envious countries claiming to be friends and allies only to jump and stab us from the back once they get a chance, or blame us, Kuwaitis and Kuwait as a nation and the way we “market” ourselves to the unfortunate countries around us, the countries which God did not bless with the fortune we have and enjoy.

Why are we so misrepresented? Someone needs to be pointed at and be blamed for that. In my opinion it’s not the people, coz the people helped till they grew skeptic with the amount of ungratefulness they saw and felt. Is it the government? Couldn’t they market Kuwait and shed a better light on the nation? I don’t know. It’s just frustrating.

I remember Mom telling me that we, Kuwaitis, since we got rich from the oil, we were always caring for other Muslim and Arab countries around us. Supporting them and being charitable towards them, and thats not just a move the governent is making for diplomatic purposes, but us the people too. My mother used to tell me how when she a little child in school, how everybody took it as a personal duty to fill all the little pigy bank (7a9ala) they used to hand out in schools whenever some country was in need. She remembers that she, even as a little child felt that it’s her duty to help, She used to fill up those 7a9alat every time, and it went without saying that every 7a9ala must be filled and handed back! clothes should be sent, blankets, tents, rugs, whatever those people needed, we must help. From Algeria’s days to Palestine to Somalia, Yemen..etc We always helped and helped a lot. Even I remeber how proud people were at my school when their name would be mentioned after handing back a full 7a9ala. Generation after generation we were taught to GIVE.

And now we here about iraqis accusing Kuwait of being greedy and “want to stir past conflicts”. And we have The Independent writing pieces about a “Stingy Kuwait”. Really? Are we really stingy? Were we ever that bad? Haven’t we done enough good deeds to shut all haters up? Yes we did, but it’s not marketed right. Or at least thats the only reason I could come up with.. Enlighten me if Ive missed something.

But for people to judge us because we still can’t forget that we were invaded (19 years today) and unwilling to give our right for reparation up.. I think it’s just a tad too much.

I’m not gonna read and edit the post coz I know I’m gonna have second thoughts and delete it.. so there.


Pepsi VS Coke Logo Evolution_1

A comparison of the logo evolution of Pepsi Vs. Coke.

Thanks Ahmad