For those asking about the timings for the arabic soaps here are some of them:

3:00pm Kha9 Jeddan – Dubai
3:00pm Muneera – Abu Dhabi
4:30pm 3omr Al Shega – Dubai
5:30pm Hadeel Al Lail – Sama Dubai
6:15pm Om Al Banat – Kwt
7:00pm Habl Al Mawada – Qatar
7:40pm Al 7ub Al Kabeer – Kwt
8:00pm Khoo9a Boo9a – Sama Dubai
8.00pm Jamr Al Qatha – Dubai
9:00pm Al 7ub Al Kabeer – Funoon Plus
9:00pm Quloob Lel Eejar – Mbc
9:00pm Om Al Banat – Abu Dhabi
10:00pm Dam3at Yateem – Alwatan
10:00pm Al Jeeran – Sama Dubai
10:00pm 3omr Al Shega – Dubai
11:00pm Emra’a Wa Okhra – Alrai
11:00pm Shar AlNofoos 2 – Mbc
11:00pm Balqees – Dubai
12:00am Kha9 Jeddan- Dubai
1:00am Fenjan Al Dam- Mbc
1:00am Jamr Al Qatha – Dubai

I dont know where is Fereej this year, if anyone knows anything about it, just drop a comment below.


This entry was posted on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 at 6:55 pm

9 Responses to “Ramadan TV Timings”

  1. K says:

    Freej wont be showing this year 🙁

    bas i heard ena on the day of 3eed they’ll have a special showing !

  2. mbarak 3alakum ilshahar says:

    Bo Qutada oO bo Nabeel – 6:40 alwatan

    Fereej mo chena hal sena ma3a english subtitles ib one tv .. bas madri sa3a cham

  3. shosho says:

    btw it’s wrong timings for most of them

  4. Nouf says:

    Hey.. Dunno if this is gonna help with you looking for Freej but here:

  5. joy says:

    eee 7a6eeen thanya etlawe3 elchabd bedalha theeim

  6. Marzouq says:

    Great list, I wonder which shows are going to the hit this Ramadan season!

  7. Bu Yousef says:

    Ramadan shows get worse every year. Wain ayam 3la iddinya issalam and madeenat ilriya7.

    This year I will not watch any TV! Too much shouting/crying/unnecessary laughing.

  8. Scotch says:

    wrong timings u got for many, but hey at least u gave it a try. Ramadhan Kareem

  9. om mimi! says:

    as i know because of thier last Jan show in dubai festival they couldnt prepare 4 ths Ramadan . that what i heared