This video isn’t real, it is made by a group of drama students from Gwent county in the UK. It is however a bit graphic. I think you all should watch this video nonetheless, it just shows how we take some serious things like concentrating on the road while driving so lightly.


Thanks Fawaz




Cakelicious_1 copy

We received this new kind of cupcakes today, I wasn’t sure what to call it, since the least I could say about it to describe it, is that it’s a hybrid between regular baked cupcakes, and some sort of a pancake, Actually 2 slices of pancakes sandwiching Nutella.

We were told that this is a young Kuwaiti’s first attempt at desserts, as in He’s new to the field of selling home made desserts and this is his first, and we hope it isn’t the last, original take on desserts.

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The Spa time is now open at the avenues phase II and it looks magnificent from the outside. It is unfortunately only for women. I’d love to have a spa open at one of the malls that would cater to men as well.

Thanks HBZ
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I was sent this video by email. The video is about Maha AlGhunaim, and has some interesting interviews and an overall look into her life.

Thanks Fawaz



Did you notice that there is a bear hidden in the mountain near Toblerone? and the bear is the symbol of the city of Berne in Switzerland where Toblerone is produced.

Thanks Ahmad


Google Is Spelled Wrong

Just found out that changed there logo to Googlle instead of Google, and did some search and came out that Google is celebrating its 11th anniversary today and decided to put number 11.



Yes, its a MUST if your looking for marriage.

Thanks Ali




Traffic Jams season!

Yep it’s on and starting tomorrow. Many schools are starting tomorrow and the Banking sector’s timing has changed to 8 o’clock, just like the rest of the private sector, so beware. Be prepared and get out of home early.




Gravity Master

I love this game. I’ve been playing it for over a year now, on and off. I should’ve memorized all the solutions by now, but the beauty of this game lie in it’s solutions; If you’re creative enough they’re practically endless.

Try it


Just got SMS from friend telling me that Kuwait Towers on fire and the firemen are there right now. Any one can confirm it?

Thanks Ali


Kuwait Towers got evacuated right now and two persons got injured during the evacuation.


it was electric short circuit at the control room at the base of the water tank tower (the one with single sphere). There was no fire anywhere else.
The only problem there is now no electricity for the whole block .. even the nearby restaurants.

Thanks reemas


Seems to be settled now.

Thanks Amanda


Referee Massimo Busacca Urinates during a match in Qatar. Massimo Busacca is the same referee of champions league’s last final in Rome.

Thanks Roudan


Porsche Panamera in Dubai_1

Today one of my friends spotted Porsche Panamera in Dubai, Why every thing goes first to Dubai? Why not Qatar or Bahrain or Saudi?

Porsche Panamera in Dubai_2

Thanks MRSAL


This video was sent in by a reader. While the point of sending this video was to expose the people behind those foul doings, I was distracted by the guy behind the camera. Obviously the guy who shot the video had intended to spread it, so why didn’t he at least try to feign a nicer attitude?

Where does he come off treating people in such a demeaning way to prove his point?!

Thanks Karim for the video. While your intentions may be sincere, your way of treating those (who in a perfect world would be) innocent people is appalling. And I sincerely hope you’d restrain yourself and start acknowledge them as humans (on par with you and I) with rights to be recognized. There must be a better way of doing this.

Another video




geft or gift

Found it in Bayan’s Co-op.

Thanks ANM

UPDATE: Yousef just mention something else: 7ayakom allah allbait awsa3 lekom men el 3ain? HOW COME? I know its bigger!


Some one just counted McDonald’s Restaurants along with there locations exactly in the lower 48 states and came with a list of nearly 13,000-or-so, and he plug these location with some software engineering gymnastics and the result came like this. Interesting Wonder how many McDonalds we’ve got here in Kuwait.


Memoirs Of an Imperfect Angel Has Finally Leaked

Mariah’s yet unreleased album, Memoirs of an imperfect angel, has finally leaked to the internet. I’m getting my first real listens to the songs right now, and I could definitely feel that this one’s going to be an instant classic with the fans.




Cookie Mug

For those who’s always looking for something unique, cookie mug for you then, its designed in two version for left handed and right one so that the cup should always face away from you when drinking so that the biscuits in the slot slide towards the back of the mug rather than onto your lap. 🙂

It gonna cost you around KD6.5 excluding Shop&Ship cost, if you’re interested click HERE for more information.




Zawaya's Mahrajan

From the same people behind the Oqsim campaign comes a new campaign targeting Kuwait’s obscure talent’s. Zawaya, which is a none profit organization, and “A group of 15 young people who came together to bring out the talents of youth in Kuwait”, are organizing a Mahrajan to celebrate those talents. “Its going to be one of the high scale events with many professional help.”. It’ll be held at the Avenues Mall on the 24,25,26th of september from 11:00am to 6:00pm.


For all the football fans, and I know that there is a load of ya out there! (bugging us about football and weird players’ names at every chance you get!), Our dear friends (and a former roommate) over at Football Directa has an announcement they’d like to share. Here it goes:

FootballDirecta is pleased to announce its 1st Annual Uefa Fantasy Football League Competition.


  • 1st place: Blackberry Smartphone.
  • 2nd place: Sony HD Cybershot camera.
  • 3rd place: Football shirt (choose your favourite European team. Player name + number printing included).

Everyone is welcome to join!

Please visit FootballDirecta for more details.”




It’s official tomorrow is first day of Eid. We here at SOMEcontrast wish you a Happy Eid.