25 Most misspelled english words

This is bad. This is what I get for totally depending on my laptop to correct my spelling.

take the test HERE


This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 2:40 am

10 Responses to “25 Most misspelled english words”

  1. anonymous says:

    i got 6 outta 27 wth?:P


  2. Q says:

    12 out of 27 + (2 don’t know) = FAIL :(

    p.s. totally depending on myself 😛


  3. TaB TaB AiE says:

    I got 15, spelling was never my strong point so i’m content with the results 😛


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  5. aaa says:

    i got 17, could we really be that bad?


  6. Ahmad says:

    I got 20 out of 27.

    It’s not an easy quiz!


  7. 1001Nights says:

    I hate this test. I hate it! *not saying my score*


  8. B says:

    Spelling was my strong point until i did this test!! i didn’t realize that i got worse! i blame it on spellchecker!!


  9. qwerty says:

    I am furious 3ala my 16/27 ;p

    Athre perogative is a PRE-rogative? Google’s autocomplete gass 3alay; without this test i wouldn’t have known!


  10. abercrombie and fitch;D says:

    i got 5 out of 27! 😮
    god! i was goood at spelling;/


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