Exclusive Zains latest EGO_1

We were given the new 21mb ego by Zain a couple of hours ago so we could test it and give some feedback, and I got to test it for 3 hours and the results were very satisfying.

The review will consist of the following:

  • Shape.
  • Installation.
  • Speed.
  • Compatibility.
  • Availability.


The new E-GO is in every Zain’s branch right now and gonna cost you KD45 and you can get it free by signing with them for 1 year and the monthly subscription is for KD32 if you have a Zain line already.

Exclusive Zains latest EGO_3

Exclusive Zains latest EGO_4


When it comes to shape i thought it would be bigger than the older one but its not. Actually its a bit smaller than the previous one but got the same thickness.

Exclusive Zains latest EGO_2


Its simple just plug it 2-3 steps then enjoy it! no CD no programs
just plug and play.

Exclusive Zains latest EGO_5


This is the most important part in the review, I was thinking to test
the speed with Speedtest.net then my sister suggested to try it out on downloads instead. We went ahead and started with a Torrent program and
opened all the download ports:  the speed was 1019 KB/s
Its 1+ MB/s I was pleasantly surprised. you know what this number means?

mp3 song 5 MB = less than 5 sec.

Episode 350 MB = 6 mins

HD episode 700 MB = 12 mins

Full movie 800 MB = 15 mins

Just to be on the safe side I know most of you gonna say its not
stable with 1000+ KB/s, and yes you’re right coz it fluctuates from 750 – 1000+ KB/s. But considering the not so great network coverage we get at our place, this is a great improvement, and those of you who have better coverage would get better results, I’m sure.


This is sweet. Its compatible with Zain’s adapter so it means you can
plug it in the adapter and more than 1 laptop will be connected at the
same time. And ofcourse it runs smoothly on both Macs and windows.


All I can say is that it will very very soon be available for purchasing.


This entry was posted on Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 at 10:58 pm

21 Responses to “Exclusive: Zain’s latest E-GO 21.6 Mb/s”

  1. blushberry says:

    what is zain adapter ? where can i find it ?

  2. Katuka says:

    But whats the point of that speed when they put a cap on your downloads.

  3. Amanco says:

    Could you please comment on the upload speed as well, thanks

  4. Itsallg000d says:

    Thank you! Your should have added the Speedtest.net since many people normally use it for comparison.

    However, this was impressive anyway 😉

  5. Abdullah says:

    but the bandwidth is limited to 20GB per month only
    very bad!!

  6. Abdullah says:

    but the bandwidth is limited to 20GB per month only
    very bad!!
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  7. Ali says:

    oh Abdullah , this is too bad wala !!!!! el mafro`6 mo aqal mn 100 GB !! wela shfaydat el 21.6 MB !!

  8. Nasser says:

    The monthly cap doesn’t mean disconnecting ur line if exceeded, it only lowers ur speed to balance bandwidth amongst Zain’s networks.

    i.e: To maintain a good download experience there should be a cap.

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  10. Morts says:

    Zain and their fair use policy that kicks in at 20GB sucks!! What is the use of fast internet if you cannot use it?? I will be leaving Zain and going for Viva….and know of many others that will do the same.

  11. Matt says:

    Like Katula mentioned earlier , what is the sheer point of having great speeds when you’re choked on how much you have to download. If it’s just 20 gb it’s a real shame as this did seem promising , but not convinced as of yet.
    and yes , mtc/zain/viva , lets have some competition on this front as well , let’s stop playing it the gentleman’s way.

  12. SpiKeY says:

    Guys..all around the world…There is something Called Fair usage policy….Even the biggest names around the world has this usage policy…

    VIVA will have this fair usage policy sooner or later…its just a new company who is tryin to get customers..

    look at this …Vodafone UK usage policy….


  13. DIVA says:

    VIVA is giving the devices in the stores for free!!!
    you only pay the 1st month subscription
    unlimited service

  14. posha elrasheeeqa says:

    SpiKey —

    ALL AROUND THE WORLD .. they dont PAY as much as we do for ZAIN .

    compare the PRICES also, not just the service!

    you guys are getting ripped-off .. o el mushkila some of you believe ena it’s normal and happens everywhere. lol

  15. Morts says:

    @ SpiKeY…the major difference being Vodafone is being honest about their fair use policy…they state the cap and that is OK because you know what you are letting yourself in for. Unlike Zain who even today advertise their KD27 option as “unlimited”

  16. Hamlet says:

    Well, i guess Zain does communicate their fair usage policy clearly. At least that what happened to me. I called 107 to inquire about their internet packages and the lady there explained their fair usage policy to me.

  17. SpiKeY says:


    I lived for 4 years in the UK and i know very well how cheap the internet is there…but did you ask your self why Kuwait is much expensive?

    Did you see how much the internet is by the internet providers (not the mobile operator)…not until Kuwait has an independent communication control (not the MOC) then we will see ALL communication providers (both internet and mobile) provide low price deals…

    Vodafone costs 7.5KD ….for the 7.2Mbps..for only 3GB per month…..notice the 3GB per month..and any extra GB is for 7.5 KD….

    here is the link



    Ok ..I do agree with you…but my point was that there has to be a fair usage

  18. blushberry says:

    MISHARY .. At Least Try using the Adapter before you post about it !! i bought it and its not compatible with the new e-go ! it cant read it ! and you wrote its compatible !!

  19. Bb says:

    i think they made the bandwidth unlimited !! because it’s impossible to do this high speed with a limitation, they must think about it that no one is going to get this service unless they’re a massive downloaders !! and I’m wondering if that speed goes for the torrent file, what it’s going to be with Rapidshare accounts?

  20. fahad says:

    Qualitynet is a rip-off, i was visiting family in Saudi Arabia and 4MB dsl is 18 KD a month, less than half what qualitynet charges. Like Spikey pointed out the MOC isn’t the ideal regulator for the telecommunication sector.

    source: http://www.stc.com.sa/cws/portal/en/individual/ind-alhatif/ind-alh-discover/ind-alh-disc-intathom/ind-alh-disc-intathom-dslshm

  21. Ismail Khan says:

    can anybody tell me that do they replace the old ego with the new one thank you