Yes, its a MUST if your looking for marriage.

Thanks Ali


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25 Responses to “Girls: You Have to Read This Book”

  1. nawaf says:


  2. Miss Remote Control says:

    Excuse me, let me rephrase for the original intended advert:

    Mohim jiddan lilfatayat. Lil7o9ool 3ala shareek al3omor alathi tatamaneena fi a7lamik (wili wala 3omra ra7 yi6la3 min a7lamik), lil7o9ool 3ala alta3asah – li irtifa3 ‘6a’36ik wa likai yasheeb sha3rik – 9adara kitab 7adeeth: Kaifa Ta96adeen Alta3asah wal nakad 3ala 3omrik. Hatha ilkitab yozan bithahab – fazawaj aham zbala b7ayatik.

  3. Mish says:

    t96adeeen ???? lol
    what happened to “tajedeen” or “ta3rfeeen” ??
    nasty xD

  4. Yousef says:

    By the same author of the best selling book of the 80’s “sayedty kayf to7afetheen 3alazawjik”

  5. ban1 says:

    loooooooooooool no commment 🙂 kaaaaaaak

  6. N says:

    I heard Saba7 has a copy of this book

  7. me says:

    looool.. I would never run after anybody.. (tastadeen) samaka..lol.

  8. blah says:

    miss remote.. entai mino mitzawja?;p
    girls you heard that? aham hadaf fe 7ayatna ohwa alzawaj!

  9. Miss Remote Control says:

    Blah, I’m not married el7amdillah.

  10. Miss Remote Control says:

    But it really ticks me off how women AND men think a woman’s sole goal of existence is to marry someone. Women think it will bring them happiness and men think women are dying to marry them. True happiness is something you find within you. No marriage, guy or zift will ever give you that.

  11. frankom says:

    لزيادة خطابك ؟؟؟؟

    شبتسوي فيهم بعدين ؟؟؟؟

  12. 1001Nights says:

    LOOOOL Miss Remote’s response cracked me up 😀

    I would hope that marriage wouldn’t be the goal – happiness would be the goal – and a decent marriage is one of many many things (eg ritha il waldain, financial independence, success, deep friendships, good family relations) that could lead to happiness.

    Beleive it or not I’ll bet a lot of girls would go ahead and buy that book advertised in the paper. There’s similar stuff written in English and some of those books get big sales and become quite famous.

  13. joy says:

    yoooozan thahab ba3ad weyya wayehom!!

  14. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    LOoL I really wanna HIGH FIVE
    “Miss Remote Control” and “1001 Nights” U GO GIRLS!

    I think we have a sick community ya jam3a! Marriage is not for everyone! so many girls got married, thinking they’ll find happiness, Bs 6L b3ainhum! lol they ended up with a divorce or crazy husbands!

    People really tend to bind the idea of “marriage” as a soothing factor! lol shaku?! Nothing is more soothing than MY “Friday Nights” lool
    check it out:
    Pizza’s, ice cream and a good movie! do u see me hunting for a guy?! HECK NO! LOoL

  15. blah says:

    wa6n 3omri, can i join you in your friday nights?;p

  16. cuteya22 says:

    lool ween hatha abe ashtreeeh

  17. Summer says:

    hathoool min 9ijhom??

  18. Miss Remote Control says:

    1001 Nights,

    Yeah I know those English books. I bought some for curiosity and 90% of all the advice in there is about playing games and you know what the sad part is? They’re advice for playing games that actually works. Meaning men should be played tricks on in order to keep ’em faithful (well not all of them so I don’t risk being stoned to death here) but anyway, the point is you have a choice in life these days, either play games, manipulate and live the anxiety in order to keep him on leash or be genuine, honest and nice (in other words miss-goody-2-shoes) and risk living a single life.

    Frankly I chose the latter and by God I’m happy.

  19. Miss Remote Control says:


    Nothing beats a Friday Night with your face looking green from a soothing mask and your hair greasy and frizzy with your toe nails chipped and there’s not a care in the world!!! 😀 Throw a Doris Day flick for added effect haha!

  20. 1001Nights says:

    Wa6n 3omri, ana 3azma nafsi 3ala your Friday night pizza & Ice cream 3alaaaf fest, y9eer? 🙂

    Miss Remote, laish il extremism either play games or count on staying single? Inshalla all girls who are honest and nice get married. Be you, be happy, and don’t discount the possibility of a decent husband being just the extra reward for being so content and qanoo3a 😀

  21. NMK says:

    Soooo Saaaaaaaaaaad man xD

  22. Marzouq says:

    looooool! Some people are lacking brain cells! But some might believe it!

  23. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    UR MOST WELCOME! and get some perrier! Things can get Nasty! lool

    “1001 Nighst”
    y9EER SHLOUN MA Y9EER LOOL. Do you think we can get a “Popcorn Cart”??!! LOOL

    “Miss Remote Control”
    Thatsnis so true!!! loool ahhhh thats life! without
    “Haddim ELLaTHaaT” lool

  24. CBA Guy says:

    As pathetic it may seem to some. Some ladies actually have hard time finding the right guy. And marriage is an issue for most women. It was inevitable that books such as this one would surface 😉