iPhone 3GS Exclusive Prices for Zain

Listen up if you’re thinking of buying the new iPhone 3GS. There is a huge cut in prices for the iphone at Euro Telecom (AlHatef Aloroby):

iPhone 3GS 16GB for KD 209
iPhone 3GS 32GB for KD 239
iPhone 3G 16GB for KD 149

To get this offer you have to:

Be a subscriber with Zain.
Have a Wiyana package (KD 9, 14, 19, 29 or the 49).
Get a Data plan.

There are 2 data packages:

KD 9 with 600 Kbps speed, 500MB monthly cap.
KD 14 with 7.2Mbps speed, 1GB monthly cap.

30 fils per MB if you exceed your limit.

If you’re not with Zain, the offer doesn’t apply. And it’s available only at Euro Telecom.

The best piece of news yet: It’s officially unlocked!

Update: iPhones are in store now.


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25 Responses to “iPhone 3GS Exclusive Prices for Zain”

  1. you mean get the data line on top of the wiyana package?

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  3. Deema says:


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  5. Magnus says:

    So is Eurocom an official provider of iPhone or are these gray market? I can’t find any iPhone info on Zain though.

  6. Marzouq says:

    Zain keeps locking these customers in! Good job on their part to work on getting the new 3GS

  7. peteyb says:

    can someone independently verify this for both prices and the phones being fully unlocked (official) ?

  8. jeno says:

    Wait! In a one year service agreement I would end up paying much more for the iphone than if I just by the unlocked iphone at electrozan and just insert my wataniya unlimitted internet 13kd plan. This offer is not with unlimitted internet, and at 9kd and 14kd for those usage terms is not a gud overall price and value. Do the math people.

  9. Amani says:

    i second Jeno!

  10. jeno says:

    At a minimum 9kd wiyana package and a 9kd 600 Kbps speed, 500MB monthly cap (limitted internet usage) your monthly bill would end up at 216kd for the 1 year plus lets say 209kd for 3Gs 16GB. Thats 425kd! I don’t see the benefit of being tied to zain with this promo. Especially since the average internet user would hit 500MB’s monthly cap very quickly.

  11. Nasser says:

    I did the math and the offer seems convenient to me!

    If I switch my internet package from 13.5 KD to the new 7 KD for a whole year I will end up saving:

    Internet pack:
    13.5 (12) – 7 (12) = 162 – 84 = 78 KD (saved)
    and my usage doesn’t exceed 300 MB/mo (using my current iPhone 3G)

    I got the wiyana 29 already and very happy with it.. so no losses!

    This 239 new price is definitely better than any price available in the market.. even cheaper than my iPhone 3G when I got it less than a year ago! (260 KD)

    This offer rocks!

  12. jeno says:

    Rocks? You only use 300MB/mo? That is a good offer for you but unfortunately for normal users this offer wouldn’t rock. Here is an example, according to my internet connection records I average 3GB’s per month. To be honest with you I am not using my iphone internet all the time either because I have internet at work. So 5 days a week the most I use my iphone is less than a couple of hours a day at most. Weekends however, I use my iphone internet APP’s on the go like Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Radio. But if I were to maximize my program APP’s on my iphone like WunderRadio that would boost my usage way up. So once again I don’t see how 500MB’s is a realistic usage cap limit. One would debate it depends on the user but I seriously doubt 300MB’s/mo is maximizing the capability of the iphone and it’s intended purpose. For the average user these limits would be unrealistic and costly.

  13. Nasser says:

    So I am an abnormal user now!? I use my iPhone for work email (Exchange server), personal email (Gmail), Facebook and RSS feeds. This is why it’s called a “MOBILE INTERNET”, it’s supposed to be for ligh usage.

    dear, it’s an offer… after all you have the choice to either take it or leave it! I think you better leave it 🙂

  14. SpiKeY says:


    you need to understand the difference between the E-Go and the “mobile internet”…..

    If you notice many websites now have the lite edition of their site to be used for mobile phones..Mobile internet should be used for low usage…such as reading websites…emails…even the Youtube program for the iPhone does not use much cap as the main Youtube…Many apps do not make you use your 3G internet because it might cost you a bundle (yes there are better operators around the world with highers tariffs) ..the iphone is not made to download movies and such things for heavy traffic…at the end…its a mobile phone..

    Look at Vodfones usage policy…


  15. sinful eyes says:

    GOT a 32Gb white 3G-S today .. was the last at fieha branch !
    shuwaikh and edeliya and hawalli are out of stuck of all the 3G-S’s !!
    the 16GB’s are out from the early morning .. and i had the last one of the 32GB’s … the offer is until the end of ramadan .. thet are already out of stock !
    you have to get a new line with a one year contract !
    i had a nice number with the 9 kd weyana .. my old line i always end up with 9 or 10 kd pill .. thanks to viva .. i don’t use the zain line much now !!
    and it’s worth it “i mean the Iphone” !!

  16. Passerby says:

    I just had one delivered to me. You can call this number to have delivery:
    2475 7992
    2471 1202. (Ask for Idris.)

  17. posha elrasheeeqa says:

    i got mine for 90KD .. with 16 kd monthly for 18 months

    600 free minutes

    500 free msgs

    free 3G internet



    yes, im in london losers

  18. M.Bahrani says:

    So what if im already :

    a subscriber with Zain.
    Have a Wiyana package (KD 9, ).
    have a Data plan 13.5 KD.

    Can i just go there and get my 16 gb 3gs iphone for 209 ?

    If the stuck are out. Wont be there any stuck in the coming days ?

    Please advice.

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  20. Kal says:

    got the same question as M.Bahrani’s, what if i got all those packages, can i just get it? or do i have to get new ones..?


  21. M.Bahrani says:

    Went there yesterday. And the answer was NO. You have to get a new line with all the features then they can give you the iphone.

    I have just changed my number less then one year a go and im not willing to change it again.

  22. Meshari says:

    I bought the 32GB 3GS OFFICIALY UNLOCKED (without a new line).. 4 days ago from Eurocom in Salmiyah Coop.

    for 289 KD .. because i choosed to keep my Zain old no. instead of getting a new one.
    although you have to choose a data plan (i choose the new 7 KD/300 MB a month)

    & the iphones they have are from Hong Kong. (YES. you’ll get the 13 amp UK plug 😉 no need to use adaptor. Just plug it in . It’s like the AC plugs we use every day in Kuwait ( بلاك بو ثلاثة )

  23. Reem says:

    excuse me but where can i go to buy the iphone with the zain plan??