It keeps happening every year, when Ramadan is nearing it’s end the highways and roads get packed with cars, especially near the malls. Mom says it’s because of people and their last minute shopping for eid and girls wanting to cut their hair.

I understand why it happens, but what I don’t,  how come it happens every year?? I want to know what kind of logic do these people have? Haven’t you learned to finish all your shopping for eid before Ramadan? or atleast before the first half of it ends?

Some years ago Ramadan used to take place when the weather is about to get colder, so that kind of justified the shopping, but now? I just can’t understand why does this has to happen every year.


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  1. Bb says:

    let me tell you why, because most of girls go diet in Ramadan, so, their sizes is going to change at the end of the month, so they go shop then!!!!

    it’s not real..just a thought !! ;p

  2. Q8y says:

    because at the beginning of Ramadan, people use they’re money to buy food supplies, in kuwait, they only release salaries b4 the end of Ramadan, and people use that money for shopping for Eid.

    of course I’m talking about some people here, the majority who can’t afford everything any time they want.

  3. 1001Nights says:

    5osh su2al. Maybe some people want something that JUST GOT IN so that not a lot of others would have had a chance to see it and buy it, so like they wait til the last minute 3ashan ykoon il look very “fresh”

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  5. Mishary says:

    1001 Nights, every yr? Mayengarsoon men elza7ma wel ghathga?

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  7. mentabolism says:

    I think Q8y got it right. It’s just that cash is available towards the end of the month.
    But…why are you complaining…got caught in the last minute rush yourself??!! 😀

  8. Intlxpatr says:

    LOL, it’s not rational. It’s ingrained. 1001 is right, it has to do with the need for something “fresh” and new, and it’s a habit you get into from the time you are very very young.