Mariah Carey's I want to know what love is

Mariah Carey does a cover of foreigners “I want to know what love is”, and it’s Mariah’s second single off of her yet unreleased album, Memoirs of an imperfect angel.

I must say that this song is superb, going by the music scene today, this is one of the better pop songs of the year, and by far better than anything any of her peers have put out lately.

But, the song also has it short comings, one of which is the song’s ending and length. Just as she was about to take us there with her voice; reach for musicality’s heavens, the song’s end comes so abrupt that it feels like something’s missing. It is short and the intro, while sets the mood quite nicely, takes what could’ve been a valuable 30 seconds off of the song, which is frustrating.

There is always another way to look at it though: The short song and the hurried ending leaves the listener wanting more of it, therefor more spins at radio and hence a bigger hit.

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 11:57 pm

11 Responses to “Mariah Carey’s I want to know what love is”

  1. 1001Nights says:

    Hathi ighniya qadeema, someone else sang it I think in the 80s or something. I can’t remember who for sure but I’ve definitely heard it before and a man was singing.

  2. Remote Control says:

    1001Nights, remake of Foreigner’s song.

  3. Sn3a says:

    loooove the lyrics

  4. Khalid says:

    sam3ha min gabl bass madree wain
    but b9ra7a nice song!

  5. Louis says:

    1001Nights; this was originally sung by Foreigner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz2cUX0CNA8

  6. Yousef says:

    Guys it’s mentioned on the first line of the post that it’s a cover song and not an original, and I also said that it’s originally by the foreigner band πŸ˜›

  7. 7aneeen says:

    LOOOOOOOve it! aaakh her voice

  8. Mohd says:

    it was covered by Tina Arena in the 90’s

  9. Yousef says:

    LoopGum hey I got to know about it right before you made your comment last night πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot though for the link!

  10. Marzouq says:

    I really like this song! I can’t wait to get her new album! I’m a huge Mariah fan and I’m not afraid to admit that! looool