new ipod electrozan

Electrozan just released the new iPods which were announced last week and gonna cost you as follows:

  • iPod nano 8 GB for KD59 and 16 GB for KD79
  • iPod Classic 160 GB for KD99
  • iPod Shuffle 2 GB for KD21 and 4 GB for 29
  • iPod Touch 8 GB for KD79 and 32 GB for KD109 and the new 64 GB for 149

No need for Amazon this time :)


This entry was posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 4:40 am

3 Responses to “New iPods at Electrozan”

  1. Abdullah N says:

    i order mine from apple.com .. 16 GB iPod Nano for 55 KD! additional 3 KD charge from aramex = 58 KD .. i saved 22 KD :)


  2. shamery says:

    how come just for 55. I checked there & its price is almost 62 plus 20kd postage.


  3. Abdullah N says:

    Well they charged my visa with 57.360 KD exactly .. and now i’m waiting for my iPod to arrive in my mailbox ..


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