Remember my previous post about Mohamed Sayrafi’s show? well today I was reading iLSuL6ana’s blog and found out that not only Mohamad Sayrafi is fabricating every thing even Scoop’s one is fabricated! Wallah 3aib.


This entry was posted on Saturday, September 19th, 2009 at 3:28 am

2 Responses to “Not only Sayrafi”

  1. CBA Guy says:

    bad bad bad ;<

    I actually liked that show

  2. lateefa says:

    it was obvious even gabel the youtube clips. a9lan min ashof el9airafi I would suspect something 9arla alf sena yesawee this kind of shows!

    what’s worse than faking the show is lying about it! when el9airafi was confronted by a journalist and said it was a “brova”!!!