The Iced Kanafa_1

Since this time Ramadan in the summer season and also the best time for eating Kanafa in Ramadan, couple of days ago we received an iced Kanafa, which is basically a normal Kanafa but instead of the cheese its ice cream, Yes ice cream you can choose what kind of ice cream flavor you wish and they spread it in.

For more details check below, BUT… If youโ€™re fasting: Beware, Mouthwatering pictures ahead.

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9 Days for Eid's Holiday

According to AlRai tv the Eid’s holiday’s going to be a 9 days off whether the Eid takes place on Sunday or Monday.

Alvaro, your prayers have been answers.. kinda ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks Om Hamoody



Someone I know had an accident the other day, He’s ok. And people have been repeating this one line a lot “The hell with the car, thank God he’s safe / 6iz bisayara ilmohim ohwa mafeeh shay”

I like having people say that, and I say that too sometimes, shows how much we care. But for argument’s sake, I’m gonna ask you this:

Don’t you think the person who is actually paying for the damages should be the only one using that phrase? And no one but that person should be allowed to say that?

Coz it doesn’t make sense, unless you’re going to say “Don’t worry about the car, I’m gonna buy you another one” only then you’re allowed to use that phrase, But till then, it should be restricted to parents and to whoever is actually paying.

PS: I use that phrase too (One of the many silly lines I hate to hear and use)




Got The Snow

Two days ago I received the latest Apple’s OSX which is Leopard Snow 10.6 and install it in my Air, honestly there are no physical changes but there are some hidden ones which you gonna find it below.

Thanks 9K2HN


Exclusive Zains latest EGO_1

We were given the new 21mb ego by Zain a couple of hours ago so we could test it and give some feedback, and I got to test it for 3 hours and the results were very satisfying.

The review will consist of the following:

  • Shape.
  • Installation.
  • Speed.
  • Compatibility.
  • Availability.


The new E-GO is in every Zain’s branch right now and gonna cost you KD45 and you can get it free by signing with them for 1 year and the monthly subscription is for KD32 if you have a Zain line already.

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Just Received Zain’s 21.6 Mbps E-Go and will be reviewed inshallah by tonight with a lot of pictures and screen shoots, Just Stay tuned.




It’s Mishary’s birthday! Happy birthday o kil3am wenta bkhair ya Bo Abdullatif ๐Ÿ˜‰


iPhone 3GS Exclusive Prices for Zain

Listen up if you’re thinking of buying the new iPhone 3GS. There is a huge cut in prices for the iphone at Euro Telecom (AlHatef Aloroby):

iPhone 3GS 16GB for KD 209
iPhone 3GS 32GB for KD 239
iPhone 3G 16GB for KD 149

To get this offer you have to:

Be a subscriber with Zain.
Have a Wiyana package (KD 9, 14, 19, 29 or the 49).
Get a Data plan.

There are 2 data packages:

KD 9 with 600 Kbps speed, 500MB monthly cap.
KD 14 with 7.2Mbps speed, 1GB monthly cap.

30 fils per MB if you exceed your limit.

If you’re not with Zain, the offer doesn’t apply. And it’s available only at Euro Telecom.

The best piece of news yet: It’s officially unlocked!

Update: iPhones are in store now.




Salad Girls

I don’t mean to upset any of you, I’m just curious.

SOME girls, a lot of girls actually, go to restaurants and only order a salad. They eat half of it and then push the dish and say “I’m full / tshabe3 sala6at’hom”. It happens a lot and it’s kinda funny. Why go to a restaurant and just eat a salad? Are you dieting? Let’s assume you are indeed dieting.. Why eat half of it? Is it really that filling?

I asked a girl and she said that she knows the “type”, she said that some girls do that coz they feel more attractive acting this way. She also said that some girls do that and then order a real meal when they get to home.

My friend told me that his colleague has been married for many years, But to this day when she wants to eat freely at a restaurant she has to be with a friend, if she were ever with her husband she always settle for a salad and tiny bites here and there. She says she’s too self conscious to eat what her heart desires when her husband’s around

I know a lot of girls who are not like that though, so don’t feel like I’m generalizing here. I just don’t understand.


Just found ou that Electrozan is offering the new Blackberry which are Tour and 8520 with prices of KD199 and KD159 respectively.

Thanks HNM


Apple's Next Media Event on September 9th

Yes finally its confirmed, The event will be held at 10:00 AM Pacific Time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the site of several previous Apple September media events.

They gonna updatemost likely their iPods and also there is a big chance that iPod touch will be equipped with camera.


25 Most misspelled english words

This is bad. This is what I get for totally depending on my laptop to correct my spelling.

take the test HERE