Salad Girls

I don’t mean to upset any of you, I’m just curious.

SOME girls, a lot of girls actually, go to restaurants and only order a salad. They eat half of it and then push the dish and say “I’m full / tshabe3 sala6at’hom”. It happens a lot and it’s kinda funny. Why go to a restaurant and just eat a salad? Are you dieting? Let’s assume you are indeed dieting.. Why eat half of it? Is it really that filling?

I asked a girl and she said that she knows the “type”, she said that some girls do that coz they feel more attractive acting this way. She also said that some girls do that and then order a real meal when they get to home.

My friend told me that his colleague has been married for many years, But to this day when she wants to eat freely at a restaurant she has to be with a friend, if she were ever with her husband she always settle for a salad and tiny bites here and there. She says she’s too self conscious to eat what her heart desires when her husband’s around

I know a lot of girls who are not like that though, so don’t feel like I’m generalizing here. I just don’t understand.


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  1. 7aneeen says:

    LOL not me or ANY of my friends or relatives? Maraat nishtihy a fresh salad, but we eat till the last bite !

  2. Remote Control says:

    I did notice people in general are a bit conscious when it comes to eating in public here. Honestly I couldn’t be bothered, I even eat a burger while I’m driving to somewhere – and I’m female. I get the stares but who cares. It’s not like you’re doing anything wrong.

    As for the salad, I am a healthy eater in general so I do enjoy the variety of salads that restaurants offer. If I can’t finish the whole thing then I’ll probably push it aside, otherwise I’ll just wipe out the whole thing like 7aneen said 😀

  3. Mish says:

    some girls do that mn bab “althraba” =p … that’s what my friends @ work says, they are females … i don’t know how that fits but that’s their claims …

  4. um-mit3ib says:

    bs when im dieting.. akel salad wal7as el sa7an;p on other days adez msgat ene makla raclette a7er lawadem;p

  5. seriouselyx says:

    HAH! thats just stupid, why bother going to restaurants then ? ;/

  6. Yara says:

    Sometimes we order a salad as a starter and usually share it, and yes i know the type i know exactly what ur talking about o ma a7b aro7 m6a3ib with that type nro7 cafe ok bs ma63am laa 😛

  7. iLSuL6ana says:

    UmMmm mawthoo3 e7ayer..

    Ana Oo rab3i we eat until death :p ya e7na ya ehma 😛 When i go to a resturant i “indulge” in the experiance oo ma6la3 bent oboy etha ma6albt apptizer, salad, main dish, sweet..i share, bs sowlef 9ala6a oo engz myamshi 3ndi :S when i diet ag3ad bil bait..its to tempting to eat out for me yahahaa

  8. Mimi says:

    I don’t diet but I eat healthy. Not many restaurants have healthy food options that are actually healthy. So I usually get just a salad.. and a general rule to maintain your weight (and I’m not talking about losing weight although it’s true for people who want to lose weight too) as part of a healthy lifestyle is to eat slow, listen to your body, and eat until you are full. Even if that means eating only half your salad.. sometimes salads come in huge portions, and your body doesn’t really need to consume that much energy. So, that’s my reasoning.. why have the extra calories when I know I’ll have to burn them off at the gym later on for an extra 15-30min that I could have avoided in the first place?

  9. 1001Nights says:

    They must believe that men will think they’re pigs if they ‘ydubboon’. Bass why don’t you clear the air for us?

    What do the guys REALLY think about girls who go to restaurants, order ili ako wili makoo, and devour it deliciously and with ease, and even use their hands for pizza and burgers?

  10. :::ShoSho::: says:

    LoooooL I agree with you totally!! I am so not that type.. I once went to a formal ga3da in a restaurant here, and every lady was like “la kaleet riyoog i am only taking coffee” and then i was like “kaifkom ana yoo3ana” looool and one lady was happy i did that because she was hungry but she was going to settle for a coffee like everyone.. I personally eat whatever i want, whether just a salad or a wholemeal..

  11. Ansam says:

    Not me! I can go for a full three meal course with no problem! To act cute and all and miss out on yummies is STUPID! Food is a bless!

  12. blah says:

    ok im not that type bs maybe liana guys stare ALOT fa maya5thon ra7at-hom? wa3laya;p
    oo elli galaw to be cute oo tharba, i dont think so. ya3ni if i eat a real meal using a fork and a knife ma9er tharba?;p girls should just avoid “messy” meals in public;p

  13. Sn3a says:

    more attractive!!

    to me
    en kent mo makla shy for a whole day l salad ma tshabbe3ne
    bs en kent bs bt’3adda aw bat3asha i would go for the salad

    o tara they might be right
    marrat fee some kinds of salads l dressing ykon thgeel fa l wa7ed yshb3 bsr3a
    methl l chicken ceaser salad.. it’s a meal it self!!

    adding beaf or chicken to the salad will make it a main dish

  14. mentabolism says:

    Y….for centuries, men have been trying to figure out women…we really should bank on the experiences of those who have tried and not reinvent the wheel !!!! any attempt to do so would simply land you in trouble…just sit back…and watch…

  15. pumkinah says:

    well am the type of girls who goes into restaurants and order only salad ! coz i dont eat that much salad at home so i wanna make sure i eat healthy 🙂 bitna klhum y7bon salads we are bug fans o salad 🙂 and we ate only small portions ! i guess m3dtna sgheera ! t3dna nakl less 🙂 but when am hungry i order what ever i want oo ma akhali shy eb kha6ree and i eat it all ! 3ala ma ygool el methal ekel ma y3jebek welbs ma y3jib el nas 😀

  16. pumkinah says:


  17. Om SaloOoM says:

    shd3wa 3ad wia her husband ma takl shesalfa zain ma matet mn elyo3 shtswee balbait 3yal ? la w married for many years sej WHATEVER 😛

  18. eshda3wa says:

    i dont either.. i love salads

    bs very very few times would a salad satisfy me

  19. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    I only have a salad if I’m dieting! wla if I’m on my free day! I’m always a 3 courses girl! la o I take pic. of the dishes b3d! thikrah lool.. elyou3 kafr I devour WHEN ITS MY FREE! LIKE THERE IS NO TMRW! lool