While we were on Sharm AlSheikh last month, we were told not to miss a place near Sharm, called Dahab. The place contains one of the best diving spots in the world. It is called “The Blue Hole”. It is a hole right off the shore, the picture below might explain it a bit, as you can see, it look somewhat like that, a solid ground, reefs and corals, and then chuk bom a hole. You dive in this vertical narrow cave till you reach an arch; an exit to the open water.

The Blue hole at Dahab is infamous for being dangerous, and could lead to deaths, it had led to the deaths of many divers actually. Make sure you have a good guide when you’re there, since a there is no need to worry when you have the right equipment and a guide to show you through, And also to let you know when you need to ascend. It’s beauty is fatal, and thats why many people have drowned over the years (or at least that is one of the reasons), because of how exceptionally beautiful it is down there. It’s color, it’s steepness, it just allures you to go further down, kinda sucks you in, makes you want to get “just a little deeper”.

For me, the thing that made this spot the best spot I’ve dived in so far, is it’s steepness, it feels like you’re diving next to a huge & extremely vertical mountain, which provides a perfect flying illusion. It kinda feels like you’re flying next to mountain and when you look down, trying to get an idea of how tall this mountain is, the bottom is no where to be seen, and what’s below just fades into darker shades of blue & feels bottomless. It is that way because it’s 800+ meters deep.

They arrange to have you taken on Camels backs, it could be part of the trip to the Blue hole. We didn’t do that though. We came in a car and were dropped at the sight, and it was a good idea that we didn’t go camel back riding then. It was too hot and we were tired from diving in the canyon earlier.

This is Dahab. We were advised by our Egyptian guide not to have any sort of contact with the locals over there. He said they were extremely ‘3agar!

^ Those are monuments for some of the people who went missing/died in the blue hole.

^ You put on your equipment and walk a bit further since the car can’t get in there. It was hot, and the equipment were heavy..

^The blue hole. Look how narrow it is.

^ in the hole

^ That was when I was getting out of the hole and into the open water.

^We stopped at one of those cafes for 15 miutes to rest. Our friend when asked about his drinks, he said “aby chay o cola”. We laughed and then he said “aby shay igannid rasy! o 3a6shan aby shay isarsi7!”.

Here is a little video I shot

If you’re a diver, you have to go to Dahab and dive in the blue hole. You won’t regret it.


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6 Responses to “Sharm AlSheikh The Blue Hole”

  1. fady says:

    wow, looks amazing

    is it possible to do the dive if we’ve never dived before?

  2. aaa says:

    yeah its an amazing dive, dahab is also infamous for its “bango” growing and distribution. lots of tourists from around eurupe go there to get a feel of the local drugs.

  3. radiant guy says:

    That was my favorite trip in Sharm El Sheikh although I am not a diver 😀

  4. e7mood says:

    bs u know thats not actually the blue hole right?? they just call it that where the blue hole is on the other side where they do free falling and kill them selves !!

    p.s. did i see couch ramii bel pictures?

  5. Fereej says:

    5oosh `3oo9a shakela 🙂 3aleek bel3afya
    o tara a5atht ur post in Q8deep.com

  6. elmay el7lo says:

    you have to try Tea and diet cola in Dahab ! Amazing !