The Spa time is now open at the avenues phase II and it looks magnificent from the outside. It is unfortunately only for women. I’d love to have a spa open at one of the malls that would cater to men as well.

Thanks HBZ


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  1. ban1 says:

    alllah la ye7’lina mn HBZ:)

  2. 1001Nights says:

    EE i saw it from the outside the other day. I wonder if there’s a way of going there and going out without going through the crowded area. I think one of the things you need when going to a spa is to dress in a casual relaxed way and not to feel like you have to dress up or say hi to people when you’re leaving it. That might be tough in the Avenues.

  3. Ansam says:

    WOW thats amazing for us (and 7arra for you :-P) hehehe where is it located exactly on phase II? And why do you want/like having a spa IN a mall?? Whats the added value? I mean if its not near an escalator or direct way out then its not all that! Like 1001 Nights said! For me, when I go to a spa I need a relaxing atmosphere away from the crowd, and we’re talking the Avenues! Ya3ni Muhallab location isnt all that although I LOVE spa time, but Royal Hayat’s Banyan Tree is AAAAWWWESOMMMMME! The atmosphere, the surroundings… you know what I mean? And if you are looking for a spa in a mall (your last line of the post) go to Men Spa in Al Muhallab right next to Spa Time πŸ˜‰

  4. Yousef says:

    1001Nights and Ansam, I’ve been to men’s time at almuhallab, I didn’t like it, I wrote a review about it actually πŸ™‚ and regarding the spa in a mall thing, it is more conevient for the guys in my opinion coz we’re naturally more relaxed when going out compared to you girls, when going to malls that is. We were our jeans/shorts, a tshirt and that’s it. Nothing would look different if I wasa going to a mall or a spa when it comes to the way I dress, or the way my hair looks ( my hair is pretty short so there is nothing to do with it in the first place). And why I want a spa in a mall? Well. To end my outing with a dinner at the mall! That would be my perfect and ideal relaxing outing πŸ™‚

  5. Marzouq says:

    Nice to see that Avenues is diversifying the types of stores they have in Avenues!

  6. shopa says:

    and the rooms are much better than the old one!

  7. shopa says:

    But come to think of it after my massage it was a weird feeling to walk around avenues saying hi and hellos to everyone

  8. Ansam says:

    I would go out in a jeans and T shirt or tracksuit! I can be low maintenance you know, but what I meant to say is that you want to avoid the crowd and the noise, you are there to relax! So if they have their own entrance it would be awesome!

  9. B says:

    I hope its close by the exit or close to the parking, i wouldn’t want to bump into ppl that are shopping! but i must admit, i do like the option of relaxing in a spa after a long day of shopping!

  10. Me says:

    Mo naqe9 ella yefta7o gym looool

  11. Summer says:

    i have to check it out!
    i heard avenues will have a hotel in the future and they’re going to start building Phase 3 ! which will have the luxurious brands πŸ˜‰

    btw, I added u to my blogroll!

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  13. CBA Guy says:

    love the decor!

  14. War of the Malls says:

    In order to complete the look, Avenues should now dedicate some space for a day care centre. Maybe on the lines of Gulf Air’s sky nanny service, the Avenues management too can innovate with a mall nanny service. Where do we go from here? Perhaps, neat little touches like Turkish hammams and al fresco Thai massage parlours for men will not go unnoticed and might attract even greater footfalls than before.

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  16. Moon says:

    there is a spa for men in al Muhallab Mall in Hawalli. it is called ”Men Time”. it’s a brach from ”Spa Time”. and there is another spas for men in ‘Sahara Kuwait’, ‘Hilton al Mangaf”, ‘Palms Hotel in al Bidi3’

  17. Gino Scobie says:

    Love the idea. Perhaps men designer clothing site could help someone there.

  18. cook says:

    Does anyone know there telephone number……I have an but der appointment card has no number!!!!

  19. Yousef says:

    cook this is their mohallab branch in hawally, call them and ask for their avenues branch: 22662090 πŸ™‚

  20. cook says:

    Cheers sweetie! appreciate…… πŸ™‚