This video was sent in by a reader. While the point of sending this video was to expose the people behind those foul doings, I was distracted by the guy behind the camera. Obviously the guy who shot the video had intended to spread it, so why didn’t he at least try to feign a nicer attitude?

Where does he come off treating people in such a demeaning way to prove his point?!

Thanks Karim for the video. While your intentions may be sincere, your way of treating those (who in a perfect world would be) innocent people is appalling. And I sincerely hope you’d restrain yourself and start acknowledge them as humans (on par with you and I) with rights to be recognized. There must be a better way of doing this.

Another video


This entry was posted on Friday, September 25th, 2009 at 2:12 am

15 Responses to “The goal doesn’t always justify the mean”

  1. Mish says:

    you are absolutely right.
    he kinda got on my nerves.

  2. Hamad says:

    jeleel el7aya ! er7amo 3azez qawmin thal! walla allah layableena wenseer arda min 7alat’hom

  3. AlahBelKhair says:

    hatha mal 6ag walla.. insan tafih.. qaleel eladab.. mo mitrabi .. la wegool 7ag el maskeen “Allah e7asbik”.. yakhi hathaila misakeen walah.. mo mishkilat-hom.. yabahom 3abalhom fee shighel .. oo hayetoohom beshiwari3.. !

  4. 3abdullah says:

    hatha ya jema3a embayin ena mo kuwaiti min lahjita…

  5. lfc-q8 says:

    hmmm he sounds alot like the guy in flash tv … i dont know what alsalman or his son as well he is on flash tv

  6. A Common Man says:

    whoever this guys is, he is a racist bastard who should be kicked int he fukkin butt.. why do some people think they are superior to others.. just because the bangladeshi does not drive a car like he does or cannot afford other luxuries like the person shooting the video, they assume they are supreme.. B**tard.. just hate such freakkin retards… should be gathered in one place and shot in the head..

  7. blah says:

    y’3th! oo elli yamah esht6la3?
    he had absolutely no right whatsoever to treat the poor guy like that!

  8. Name is bond says:

    The guy sounded so rude…

  9. D says:

    low life. such a f***ing jerk! he’s not getting attention so he decides to take out his anger on this poor man and fulfill his manly instinct. JERK!

  10. S. says:

    I couldnt watch the whole video because the guy got on my nerves oo jad ma kan 3inda isloob bil 7achi. This south asian man pretending to be a street cleaner might be in q8 oo 3inda eqama bas yimken el sharika wahmeya or yimken mo ma36eetah ma3ash cham shahar. Bedal la iroo7 7ag hal faqara, khal iroo7 e7aseb il nas ily iboogoon bil malayen. Hatha el na9b el 9ijy. Mo 3ala dinar or dinarain e7a9loonhum these workers.
    And btw to the guy who was filming this salmiya is not clean. liq8 ib kuburha 9ayra wa9kha! Madri itha its just me bas ive noticed an increase in the trash bil shuwari3, esp bil deera.

  11. student says:

    i honestly could not finsh it the problem in kuwait is not who works for “baladiya” and who is faking it, the problem is retarded racist bastards like the one in this vedoe and the corruption of our parliment and government

  12. Victoria says:


    Could someone please translate this video content for me? I get the idea that the kind of was heckling the worker based on the comments written above. If thats true, it seems to be quite a pastime for Kuwaiti guys to heckle migrant workers or even just passerbys. Its truly disgusting. I find it barbaric.

  13. joy says:

    wee3 weeee3 weeee3
    shino hatha eyeeeb el7arijjj
    o refeeej tah theim ba3ad
    ya3ni e7na nas mota7athera ennagish omoor ensanya
    weee3 weee3 wee3333
    narfazny oho weya zalamtah!!!!
    oho i bet u not even kuwaiti!!!!

  14. Me7sin says:

    This guy disgusts me to the bone, just watch his other vids

    I wonder of there’s a way to track him

  15. CBA Guy says:

    The guy might be a jerk.

    But he has a legitimate issue.