Jason Mraz I'm yours album cover

I was recommended this song less than an hour ago and it’s already a favorite of mine and been on repeat since the first listen.

It got this feel good thing going. I like it.

[gplayer href=”http://somecontrast.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Jason-Mraz-Im-yours-.mp3″ ] Jason Mraz I’m Yours [/gplayer]

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Yes, and this time in Mishref near Applebee’s. For more information about the restaurant click HERE




poetic pleas


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Do you know who this is

Can you tell? click on this LINK to know.

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finally some rain

That was nice wasn’t it? I hope we get some more rain during the night. Oh wait scrap that. I hope it rains throughout next week! Now that would be real nice! Inshallah..

Picture from HBZ


Just found out that it’s released in Bahrain’s Duty Free and they sell it for KD 79 and available in black and white colors.


Thanks to the commenters, we now know that it’s available in Kuwait at both SONY and XCITE for KD 75-80.


Soccer Scene opening soon Kuwait avenues

Football fans you’re going to like this. Soccer scene is opening up a branch at the avenues.

About Soccer Scene:

“The Company prides itself on stocking the most extensive range of replica kits available, also boasting a comprehensive range of football boots, training equipment, everything for the goalkeeper, souvenirs and just about anything and everything the football player or fan could want”


I like buying stuff and use them right away instead of buying off the net and wait awhile to get them. So, If you’re looking for a bag for your laptop, you may want to take a look at the ones in Ashraf. I was at their Dar Al Awadhi branch the other day looking for some photography related stuff, and while looking around I noticed they had a good selection of Case Logic bags, and also some Lowepro bags. And their prices were reasonable too.

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I’ve heard of this restaurant back in july when I was at Prime & Toast, it’s name was written on one of the restaurant’s walls, and when I asked the waitress she said it’s a new restaurant by the same owner/chef, and that it’ll open soon. Fast forward, today, We were a party of 5, and we reserved the Chef’s table (The Chef’s table is available twice a week, on monday and some other day. He basically cooks for your table).
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I’m currently in Bahrain for a work related trip, and will be back soon.


Upon roaming through the shops at the Iranian souq I came across this Dikkan – one hell of a find. It’s a tiny store only about 4X4 square meters but it’s packed full of random stuff from Kuwait’s past. To tell you the truth there were many items in there that I couldn’t recognize, items that go as far back as perhaps the early fifties. I’m sure many of the older generation would find this post nostalgic and would probably find the store entirely enchanting. The rest of you children of the Nido can take a look at the 40+ pictures and maybe get your parents to read this post and see if they recognize anything.
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It was only one day after the release for Windows 7 problems to show up on live television. Basically, a Fuji TV “anchor tries to zoom in on the Fuji TV studio, but nothing happens.”

Thank God I’m still using a Mac!



As I told you on my earlier post, My friend was bent on having a fake shack burger this weekend. The recipe had main things to follow: the meat type, the veggies, and the sauce. We didn’t follow the recipe a 100%, But tried the best we can to not totally stir away. We bought all the needed stuff and headed to chalet. I didn’t care much for the Read the rest of this entry »


Kuwait's Kindergartens back in the day

Kuwait’s Kindergartens back in the day used to be from 8am to 4pm. They used to provide the kids with lunch and snacks, and they also used to let them nap during noon time.

I showed my mother the picture above, and she remembered the big hall where they used to sleep. She had this to say:

“I remember that big hall, and I remember that I cried for a whole week because of that hall. I hated the idea of sleeping in that hall and I didn’t like leaving home to Kindergarten in general. My father didn’t like seeing me crying like that and decided not to have me go to the kindergarten anymore, and instead remain at home till it’s time for 1st grade (ibteda2y).

I have a cousin who is my age, but was a year ahead of me in school, I didn’t realize the reason behind her being ahead of me till recently.. I was sorta punished for not attending Kindergarten.. they made me stay in 1st grade for 2 years. I don’t know how they did that, and how my family allowed that to happen. But back in the day, Kuwait wasn’t so organized when it came to matters like this (kanat 3ayma isalfa).”

I think this system of having the kids nap at noon time was stopped during the 70’s or early 80’s. I remember in our days we used to have breakfast and snacks.. no naps, and we’d leave home early, 12:30 or 1pm tops.

According to the email I received the picture was taken at Balqees Kindergarten in AlDasma.

Thanks H.A.S.


Football Directa unveil awesome new look!

Our friends over at Football Directa are almost done with their new look and it looks very promising! They’ve been working hard for the past months to put together a totally new website, and it is almost done.

A meesage from Football Directa:

“We’re pleased to inform you that footballdirecta.com has finally transformed.

The official launch will be in December and our readers can now join and see our ad (animation) which is a sneak preview of the new footballdirecta website.

We hope we will meet our readers expectations.”

Visit them HERE




Faking The Shack 1

One of my friends was bent on having the fake shack this weekend after reading about it on Mark’s blog. So we went along with him and bought everything that is needed to make the Shack burger.

3 different cuts of beef, blended together and grinded, buns from the best bun maker in Kuwait, lettuce and onions.. The works!

Stay tuned for a detailed post that is coming up soon!




3497 E-Mails

Ever since getting the blackberry I stopped checking the emails on my laptop.. and they kept piling up 🙂


SOME contrast 2nd year Anniversary

We can’t believe it’s been 2 years already! We here at SOME contrast would like to thank you all (readers and bloggers alike) for all the love and support you’ve shown for the past 2 years. We appreciate each and everyone!


Congrats Dear Friend 00

I met INM right after becoming friends with his brother Mishary, and we clicked immediately. I’ve always been pretty selective when it comes to friendships and I really believe that having a big number of friends doesn’t prove anything, but counting the number of times a friend stands by you is what really matters, and going by that, I consider myself a very lucky person to have such great friends.

INM got married today (Malach). Congrats ya INM! 3albaraka o bittawfeej inshallah! 🙂





QVERT will be organizing a walkathon, along with the Scientific Center in Kuwait, MRC, British Industries, and many other environmental activists.

We will be gathering at the Scientific center, and then walk to Marina Mall (Marina Crescent). Throughout the walk and at Marina Crescent, participants will be provided with flyers to give out random people and explain our cause, 350’s cause. (www.350.org)
DATE: Saturday, October 24th, 2009!

TIME: 11am-1pm (Gathering starts 10am. A commencement speech 10:30am. Walk @ 11am)

PLACE: SCIENTIFIC CENTER – Salmiya, Arabian Gulf St.

DRESS CODE: Blue.. Anything Blue!

Don’t miss it, one planet, one chance..

Want to learn more about 350? what does it stand for? www.350.org