While I was at Hilton AlMangaf I saw a couple of banners advertising a new thai restaurant that’ll open soon in the hotel. I didn’t think it was very smart to have 2 thai restaurants within the hotel, they already have the Blue Elephant.. So I asked the receptionist, and it turned out that the Elephant is going to be put down, and a new one is taking it’s place. The new one as you can see from the banner, is called Yin Yang, and they promise an authentic Thai food. (Wasn’t the Blue Elephant authentic enough?)

I asked her again, “Will the staff of Blue Elephant remain and work in this new restaurant?” And she said “yes the staff would remain unchanged,” and that it’s just a name change.

If what the lady said is true then I guess this is good news to those who liked the blue elephant. But seriously if you’re looking for a real good thai food (and can overlook the extreme modesty of the restaurant’s interiors), then you’ve got to try Oriental Cuisine. I reviewed it back in April.

Anyway, Yin Yang is opening on the 15th of this month.




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4 Responses to “Blue Elephant shuts down”

  1. I’m not a fan of the Thai cuisine bss el blue elephant decoration is fabulous o el ga3da barra 3ndhom etwanes ley 9ar el jaw 7lo.

  2. aquariius says:

    although i tried the blue elephant a couple of times i will not shed any tears that it is going… my fav thai restaurant is pattaya beach, has been for a long long time, it located in that travel agents building behind KAC bldg in kuwait city(sorry dunno the name)…great food, although no ambience

    i really like their chicken in red-coconut curry and tom-yam seafood soup. its on the mezanine floor.

  3. Marzouq says:

    I really think that Hilton has failed to really improve or market their restaurants correclty, they are considered a high end hotel so there have to work on improving their services and restaurants..

    They could really do some good work with these places, too bad they don’t really bother too much with it!

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