Faking The Shack 1

One of my friends was bent on having the fake shack this weekend after reading about it on Mark’s blog. So we went along with him and bought everything that is needed to make the Shack burger.

3 different cuts of beef, blended together and grinded, buns from the best bun maker in Kuwait, lettuce and onions.. The works!

Stay tuned for a detailed post that is coming up soon!


This entry was posted on Saturday, October 24th, 2009 at 1:05 pm

7 Responses to “Faking The Shack”

  1. den6ist says:

    What is the best bun maker in Kuwait ? 🙂

    and we are waiting for the post .. and please with pictures ..

  2. Mark says:

    Yeah who is the best bun maker??

  3. lfc-q8 says:

    shawagtna im refreshing ur page every minute waiting for the post 🙂

  4. ban1 says:

    yebelllllla 7ada shwgteny

  5. Ansam says:

    Cant wait 😀

  6. el9oraa naaaaaaar .. bs el klinex embayyen ;D