Head case poster 1

I enjoy watching: Free Radio and Head Case. Both are outrageously funny and have the most embarrassing situations.

Head Case is about this psychiatrist who lives in a hotel, and is unethical and emotionally unstable i.e. A mess. She is a psychiatrists to the stars, all her clients are celebrities, but she talks about how screwed up her clients are to everybody. This show is off the hook.

Free Radio Cast On Set

Free Radio is a show about a radio program that airs in the morning and has 2 hosts, one of them is this clueless host, lance, who utters the most embarrassing things on air. The show has a unique thing going on, it is completely improvised, and the guests who appear on their morning show are real celebrity guests promoting real events and projects.


I just found out yesterday that it closed down. I think it’s location didn’t help, I think it would’ve had a longer run had it opened near the supermarket..


The Ricardo Serves Vitello Tonnato

I don’t know how many of you guys know what is Vitello Tonnato, those of you who know what it is will really appreciate this post 😛

I got to know about this dish at Roberto’s restaurant in Geneva while I was on vacation a couple of years back. It’s a great dish, and it’s a difficult dish to accept if you’re not OK with trying out new things.

Vitello tonnato: is a veal carpaccio, only with thicker slices, and topped with creamy tuna sauce.

I know the creamy tuna on a slice of veal doesn’t sound appetizing, but it’s great, I love this dish and it is very hard to find in Kuwait. While we were at the Ricardo this past weekend (which is a great restaurant. I regret not taking the camera with me) I found this dish on the menu and had to order it. It was very good, not as good as the one at Roberto’s but close enough. Aldente restaurant in Movenpick also serves this dish but it’s nothing like the real thing.




I don't get it pinkberry kuwait

The extra granola topping was the best part. Other than that it tasted like Laban up.




I find this illusion extra cool. You can make your own little dragon if you want to, it’s supposed to be simple, click HERE and print the page you get then follow the directions.


Hardee's Frisco burger is back in kuwait

it’s not my favorite burger, but I know that this is a pretty popular burger in Kuwait and has lots of fans. Well rejoice it’s back.

Thanks loco


Recurring Dreams Mine is about college

I’ve spent lots of years in college, I didn’t have it as smooth as other people did, mainly because I screwed up big time and neglected what should’ve been my main concern. I think it’s very normal to worry about these things a couple of days, a couple weeks, a couple of months after graduation… but not 2 years later.

Yesterday I had this recurring dream, I don’t know if you guys have dreams of this nature, where I’m 2 weeks away from my last day at school and I discover that there is this one course that I totally forgot about and that I haven’t attended any of it’s classes nor exams. The dream is so real that I wake up miserable in the midst of the night, and when I go back to sleep I continue that same dream again! These types of dreams happens at least once a month..

What is your recurring dream?


We had a conversation early on, and the phrase “Women shouldn’t be allowed to travel alone” was said and then followed with harsh remarks about women who do travel alone. (remarks towards the women and their families). I want to discuss this.

But first I want to say that I won’t be getting into what Islam had to say about it, I don’t know what was said, and I don’t want to get into how many “exits” are available for such a rule. That being said, I want to say a few things of what I think of that phrase:

1-First of all, I think we shouldn’t be conditioned by what people think is acceptable.

2-I think that nowadays people are being selective as to which rule they follow and which rule to skip when it comes to religion.

3-I think if a woman ever had to travel alone, it is up to her, and her husband/parents. And it is not right to judge a woman’s morals or her relatives’s solely by their decision to have the woman travel alone.

4-I have a problem with the “shouldn’t be allowed” part, because I think people should be convinced rather than forced. Or else why bother?

Ok, now that I’ve said these 4 points, I wanna also say that I partially agree with that phrase.. However, what I don’t agree with is the judging part. When I was abroad, I’ve seen many girls who were studying abroad by themselves, without any family member, and some of them were far more worthy of respect than many of the girls who aren’t “allowed to travel alone”.




Sneeze game

You have to sneeze and infect as many people as possible. You’ve got 1 shot at sneezing and the amount of people you should infect increase with every level you pass. I reached level 10 and couldn’t pass it. Play it HERE.




Just got this picture from Ali telling me that souq Wajef is on fire.

Thaks Ali


Thanks Ali


I like it when a person isn’t able to express himself in his own language, and then goes ahead and translate it to another.


Fierce cat eats terrified pigeon

As I was getting out of the parking building near work, what sounded like a big wooden board fell and made a very big sound, I felt my heart in my throat when that happened. It was funny the way I flinched, but then a group of insanely terrified pigeons started flying directly at me, they managed to avoid me, but one of them while avoiding me crashed real hard in the wall next to me, the poor thing. My mouth managed to spit out a curse, Allah yakhthich, and I walked away from this hazardous spot.

2 minutes later I had to get back to the car to get my iPod, and I saw this cat eating a pigeon. I’m guessing its the same pigeon that crashed earlier. Allah khathaha. RIP.


Buy Your Msbah Online

Just found out that there is a new web site called Q8msbah.com and they are specialized in selling msbahs, So all what you need is just search for the the msbah you want and pay by your credit card and they gonna delivered it to you.



36 Hours with no mobile

I completed 36 hours without a mobile and I have mixed feelings over this. I think it’s a relief to be untrackable for a while (I don’t like that we are always reachable), I enjoyed being a bit out of reach today.

On the other hand, it feels like you’re lost and totally out of the loop.

I’ve sent my Bold to a phone shop that my brother recommended but they don’t know what’s wrong with it. The Bold has been giving me lots of trouble, I’m actually glad that it died. Mishary is giving me his curve instead till some new Blackberry phone is released. By the time Mishary passes by and drop his mobile it’s going to be 48 hours for me without a mobile. Nice little experience, but I wouldn’t do it again.

Thanks Mishary 😉


While I was at Hilton AlMangaf I saw a couple of banners advertising a new thai restaurant that’ll open soon in the hotel. I didn’t think it was very smart to have 2 thai restaurants within the hotel, they already have the Blue Elephant.. So I asked the receptionist, and it turned out that the Elephant is going to be put down, and a new one is taking it’s place. The new one as you can see from the banner, is called Yin Yang, and they promise an authentic Thai food. (Wasn’t the Blue Elephant authentic enough?)

I asked her again, “Will the staff of Blue Elephant remain and work in this new restaurant?” And she said “yes the staff would remain unchanged,” and that it’s just a name change.

If what the lady said is true then I guess this is good news to those who liked the blue elephant. But seriously if you’re looking for a real good thai food (and can overlook the extreme modesty of the restaurant’s interiors), then you’ve got to try Oriental Cuisine. I reviewed it back in April.

Anyway, Yin Yang is opening on the 15th of this month.






My mobile decided to die on me today in the morning. I tried to resuscitate it but it just won’t come back to life! I’ve been without a mobile for 12 hours now and it is the weirdest feeling ever!

I don’t know who called during the day, or whether I have new messages.. or bbms.. oh and rumors that goes along with bbms.

I’ll send the mobile for fixing tomorrow, but till it’s done, I’m gonna go through the day without any mean of communication. I’ll see how that goes.


Just heard that Beyoce’s next concert will be in Egypt at Port Ghalib, and it will be on Friday the 6th of November 09, Thats what I know, I think Yousef knows better than me about the pricing and all.


Ok Mishary, Here are the ticket prices according to a site linked by beyonce’s official website:

  • Platinum: 2,000 LE
  • Gold: 1,000 LE
  • Stage: 250 LE



Teatro at Hilton going downhill

I hate it when restaurants start out strong and then deteriorate. This is the case with Teatro restaurant at Hilton Almangaf. I haven’t been there in years, I just remember that it used to be great. Me and my friend went there for lunch today and we both hated it. The sad thing is that we both agreed that the diet coke was the highlight of our lunch.

What a shame.



The walkathon will take place at the avenues. I find the walkathon at the avenues idea weird but then again it’s probably the best place to create awareness in Kuwait.