Just found out that it’s released in Bahrain’s Duty Free and they sell it for KD 79 and available in black and white colors.


Thanks to the commenters, we now know that it’s available in Kuwait at both SONY and XCITE for KD 75-80.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at 5:17 pm

11 Responses to “PSP Go Available in Bahrain”

  1. Q8path says:

    Nice .. I have found the same but fake and made in China.

  2. حصلتها بالامارات وقالي المحل تنزل الالعاب من البي اس ماركت

  3. Na9er says:

    I saw it at Sony the Avenues.

  4. Mr. Anonymous says:

    It is available in Kuwait 🙂

    I saw it as Alghanim Xcite

  5. Mark says:

    KD75 at alghanim. Sony Kuwait got it around 2-3 weeks back for like KD77

  6. Aurous says:

    it’s available at sony for 78 KDs and at XCITE for 80 🙂

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  8. KTDP says:

    Not all that big a fan of it though …. I hate the idea of having to download everything …. ugh

  9. MARINALOBO says:

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  11. Udii says:

    im selling mine 🙂 im in bahrainn, sellin for alooot cheaper