Recurring Dreams Mine is about college

I’ve spent lots of years in college, I didn’t have it as smooth as other people did, mainly because I screwed up big time and neglected what should’ve been my main concern. I think it’s very normal to worry about these things a couple of days, a couple weeks, a couple of months after graduation… but not 2 years later.

Yesterday I had this recurring dream, I don’t know if you guys have dreams of this nature, where I’m 2 weeks away from my last day at school and I discover that there is this one course that I totally forgot about and that I haven’t attended any of it’s classes nor exams. The dream is so real that I wake up miserable in the midst of the night, and when I go back to sleep I continue that same dream again! These types of dreams happens at least once a month..

What is your recurring dream?


This entry was posted on Thursday, October 15th, 2009 at 12:36 am

21 Responses to “Recurring Dreams: Mine is about College”

  1. 3abdullah says:

    I got the same dream twice wala :O isn’t it weird… wala bil thab6 nafs il 7ilm

  2. Madonps says:

    I always have a dream that Im driving a car, and the brakes stop working! :S

  3. Me7sin says:

    I had the exact same dream =/ wierd and im in my final yr

    happened to me 2wice as well once during the end of a semester and once during the begining of this one

    9ij sh3oor **** 3ugub

  4. Katuka says:

    You too! Mine are exactly like you described. One course I forgot about and haven’t attended classes nor taken mid exams for and I remember just before the finals.

    Its been almost 6 years now since my graduation, I have this dream less now but still get it once in a while. So I’m afraid you’ll still have them for some more years to come.

  5. M7 says:

    lol after my graduation i always have a dream that there is one more course in my major sheet i didnt take it yet !!
    w agoom w afta7 elsystem w ashoof my major sheet then ared anaam lol . .

  6. Ahmad says:

    This is a dream I used to get a lot.

    It’s really scary especially since it’s so vivid. After I open my eyes it’s usually a couple of seconds before I realize that I’m not in school anymore.

  7. moddat sena kamlaa 3gb el takharrouj 3ala 6oool ayeni nafs el hal a7laaam !!

  8. b says:

    i had that exact same dream!! i thought i was the only one. i wake up thinking that i have forgotten a class and start remembering if its true or not! also a recurring dream about getting caught cheeting and having my degree rejected! i graduated 2 years ago and still getting those dreams

  9. NBZ says:

    Mine are of a plane crashing rite in front of me with me watchin the plane fly for a while and knowing that any minute now it would crash .its the same drill ..im standing in a balcony..watchin the plane approach me…and as it does it crashes with another plan and thats it i wake up..its always the same scenario ..same place..same sequence..wierd! funny thing is i remeber having these dreams even before 9/11 so im sure its not because of tht!

  10. ngree says:

    i have it also,,, but with highschool,,, πŸ˜›

  11. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Well my recurring dream is basically a NIGHTMARE! not a month that passes by, without me having this AWFUL dream where my frontal teeth are not there anymore! I jump out of bed to check if they are still there! And keep touching them wagol: offf el7imdillah I can still bite apples and pizza’s! PRAISE THE LORD! LOL This happens to me beacause of an incident that happend to me 4 yrs ago I collapsed, flat on my face and damaged my frontal teeth! TERRIFYING! lol not a good image!
    Can’t get over it, according to my dream! lol

  12. Taymoor says:

    Eeee who teaches the course u were missing? πŸ˜›

  13. B says:

    High school!

    Arabic exam and na7oo – i was terrible!!


  14. Scotch says:

    Oh MY GOD!! i always get that dream!! hmmm?

  15. Intlxpatr says:

    The exam dream is really normal, and I had it for YEARS. It’s an anxiety dream; you have it when you have anxieties about something else. Now my anxiety dream is a packing and moving dream, or a getting to the airport dream, but it’s really the same dream – something is about to happen and I am worried I am not prepared for it!

  16. enigma says:

    lol i dream that i am failing electronics 2 (which is the last course I took in college and it was during a summer course and I REALLY struggled to pass it).

  17. Hussain says:

    Gigantic spherical rock moving toward me and actually hit me and cross over me!

    I always wake up from this dream gasping for air and feeling that there’s something heavy on my chest!

    This recurrent dream scares the sh!t out of me πŸ™‚

    Oh! and I also get dreams similar to yours especially when I’m preparing for exams and stuff!

  18. QWERTY says:

    Interesting. I believe dreams reflect our innermost worries.

    In schooldays, I used to have dreams where I went to school missing one pair of shoe, or where I forgot to wear my socks gabel my shoes. Madri lesh mkharre3ne hal shoe! πŸ˜›

    Ayam el jam3a, my worries were on the exams. Panicking, exactly like you described!

    Recurrent dreams all throughout were on pregnancy. I always found it weird when my single sisters and I were all pregnant in my dreams, or when I dream that I am giving birth and felt happy about it (ako wa7da towlad wehi mestansa? 7amdela welsheker!)
    LOOL πŸ˜›
    Funny stuff!

  19. Marzouq says:

    I have two types of recurring dreams!

    1) I super power robot (Anime Type) lol

    2) Motorcycle riding down a road on the coast of California or Monte Carlo!

    Simpel dreams! lol

  20. Q80 In Denver says:

    Marzouq a7lamek Mazaj! :p

  21. chris says:

    mine is much worse.
    i dream that i am back at school, but i have been avoiding all the classes and obligations somehow, and just living in the dorms, doing nothing. i get this at least once a month.
    its been 9 years since i went to college, and the dream has become more frequent in the last couple years. its really annoying more than anything. i just wish i knew if there was something i could do to make it stop.