I heard a lot of good stuff about Signor Sassi, the newly opened restaurant, and last week I had a chance to go out with the family and we all had lunch there. It’s an italian restaurant, a franchise, brought over by Americana. This is not your typical Americana restaurant, actually when it comes to the food’s quality and taste, it’s as authentic as a n3al naydiya to elneyada πŸ˜› know what I mean?

The place is nicely located on the gulf road, between The Kuwait towers and Chillis (it shares the same parking as Chillis), and the place from the inside is very nicely set. My friend, who I trust when it comes to interior designs, thinks it would’ve looked gorgeous if we were still in the 80’s. However, I think the interiors look fine.

The staff are mainly from the Philippines, overlooked by an Italian staff. I spotted 2 managers and 1 chef, all Italians. the first 2 overlooked the seating of the customers and attending to them every now and then, and the chef overlooked the dishes. I saw him send back some dishes that weren’t up to his standards (yeah I loved that). The rest of the kitchen staff looked Indian and Egyptians.

The food.

As you can see on the first picture above, they serve this dish once you get seated. Olives, parmesan cubes, tomatos with herbs & olive oil, and some vinegar in oliveoil, along with some bread.

^Rissotto, Highly recommended (tachbid). It’s creamy, cheesy, and has lots of mushrooms in it.

^I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s a pizza with no tomato sauce. Just some cheese and a drizzle of olive olive and some herbs.

^Scallops. You can skip that.

*drum rolls please* The best italian food I have ever tasted in Kuwait. No one comes close to this restaurant (Ricardo excluded, coz it’s been a long time since i’ve been there and I forgot how I liked that place). The food is amazing. We tried 2 fish dishes, a fillet steak, a chicken dish Veal Picatta, an escalope milanese, and a risotto. All were superb!

^Rossini Fillet. I had this for the main dish, and it was great. Very tender and the sauce was complimenting the steak so nicely.

^Escalope Milanese.

^Comes with every main course (Grills)

^Grilled Salmon. Mom loved it.

^Veal Picatta

^Fish dish (Sole)

The dessert.

I had the creme CrΓ¨me brΓ»lΓ©e. Well. It wasn’t up to my expectations. I mean seeing how well their main dishes were, I thought I’d be getting a very good creme brulee. It wasn’t that good at all. The sugar wasn’t entirely burned, which left loose (7ethrab) of bits and pieces of sugar between my teeth, and the sugar that got some burning, were burnt, as in they were sour. And the creme itself wasn’t cold, as it’s supposed to be.

My family loved the tiramisu, I didn’t. It had hazelnut syrup in it which I thought was odd, My brother and mother loved it. But considering it’s a tiramisu, I didn’t expect it to have hints of hazelnut syrup.. Have they changed the recipe? Anyway, the profiteroles were decent according to my other brother.

The service wasn’t all that. Most of the staff seemed to be overwhelmed or overworked. One of the waiters had a cheat paper on his tray as he was serving the dishes, reading their italian names to us off of his little paper. I thought that was funny. I didn’t think the service was bad, but just not as trained or prepared as they should be.

I heard that the italian staff is supposed to head back soon, I really hope they keep it up and don’t lose that special touch with their main dishes.

All in all I think this restaurant is amazing. And I have been there twice already.

It’s located on the gulf road, between Chillis and Kuwait Towers. It was KD 82 for the 5 of us.


This entry was posted on Monday, October 5th, 2009 at 11:42 pm

19 Responses to “Review: Signor Sassi Kuwait”

  1. 1001Nights says:

    As disturbing as the n3al naydiya analogy being likened to Italian food, this review was awesome and wayed WAYED itshawig il 9iwar! The scallops look really really good so I’m surprised you’re saying skip them. Bass ‘3areeba il mukan wayed 5ali? Was there any outside seating?

  2. Bo9ale7 says:

    Shakla qaweeey wala lazem ajarba. etroo7 tonight πŸ˜› ?

  3. ban1 says:

    el ma6a3m akla waid 7ilo. ely 3agbny akther shy veal kan 7’a6ir. bs decooor mo 7ilo wla yenaseb el ma6a3m

  4. Hamad says:

    yousef, the tiramisu was perfecto!

    ban1 ent wain w eldecorat wain eshfahimak tekfa shino maynasib laish etefalsefoon sij tarbeyat jibla ;r

  5. Marzouq says:

    Very nice pictures, and I’m damn hungry! Thats for sure!

  6. HKR says:

    shaklaa .. 3ajeeb … etha betro07o0n next time gololeey !!

  7. shannon says:

    Wow quite a bill KD 82 for 5 people say lik KD 16 per head πŸ™‚ hmm expensive aint it!

  8. hilaliya says:

    the portions looks smaller somehow and the tomato and cheese plates at the outset are also mini – I hope they dont streamline things because the food looks reall good

  9. ban1 says:

    7ilwick ya hamed 7’alina thoooog 7ag sharg . enta ahm shy bal3tk ma yehmik shy thany

  10. Itsallg000d says:

    I’ve heard very nice review about it … Really liked your picture, it seemed that you’ve had your time taking them πŸ™‚

  11. Name is bond says:

    Kewl!! review. I hope they maintain all that is good!!

  12. Intlxpatr says:

    Those scallops LOOK fabulous – what was wrong with them? And the salmon also looked really really good.

    Many pizzas in Italy don’t have tomato sauce, some have a thin cream sauce, many just have the topping, like shellfish, thrown on, or something else light.

  13. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    shaklaaa 7da elegant! loved the part where u mentioned that the chef overlooked some dishes and sent them back bcoz they did not meethis standards! HATHA EL CHEF ely ma y’3shmr a7b chithi

    Tra Italians are not famous for their desserts! It’s over-rated. Maku 3la their GELATO! so many different flavors! countless!!!

    Inshallah ajrba. zain 82kd! for 11 dishes. itha 16kd kl wa7d a7is ina zain just think of it as Maki! 3ad anna when it comes to food! maku BUDGET! lol I spend on food more than clothes! and I proud of it b3d! lool

    anyway bl3afyaah:)

  14. Yousef says:

    intlxpatr, The scallops looked very appetizing! But the thing is, I haven’t tried them before in my life, so judging by the scallop dish we ate that day at Signor Sassi, they tasted very bland. I don’t know what it tastes like actually. It was a blah order.

    Actually the spinach and the sauce had more character than the scallop itself.

    shannon the second time I went, I only had appetizer and maindish, we were 3 and ended up paying about KD33. It depends on what you order.

    Wa6n 3Mri yeah i liked what the chef did πŸ™‚ Makes you feel that you’re eating something special πŸ™‚

  15. joy says:

    law sama7t la et`3ala6 3alna3al elnaydya πŸ˜›

    o bel3afya

    ya3ny yay or nay?? am going saturday

  16. 1001Nights says:

    I went last night. Food is good, pizza especially good, but service was VERY ANNOYINGLY LATE, they forgot to bring us bread until we asked them, their medium fillet tasted like a medium-well (it was very good but didn’t taste like a medium) AND they included their tip in the bill despite the disappointing service! Ah well. At least they were apologetic. (And even with all the above, I can’t think of a better Italian restaurant in Kuwait.)

  17. Mona says:

    Whats their number? I’ve been trying to call 22418893 but no one answers!

  18. uj says:

    Well, I have been there last night and the scallops were really good. The Risotto was out of this world. All the food was excellent. Some bread was missing and since it is an Italian, it would be a good idea to offer Parmesan instead of ground black pepper for a pasta dish – but you ask and they do have it all there. And one thing – don’t tell Starbucks – they do have proper coffee there and at a ‘normal’ coffee price. We will come again!!!

  19. the pizza ili ma 3alaiha shay is called pizza bianca