Yes, and this time in Mishref near Applebee’s. For more information about the restaurant click HERE


This entry was posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2009 at 3:42 pm

11 Responses to “Uno Chicago Grill Opening Soon”

  1. khalid says:

    shaklah 8awii!

  2. wala man6aqatna mo haynaa..
    hatha mo mawjood eb avenue barra 9oob entracote !!

  3. Katuka says:

    During our studies at the US, UNO was always our choice for weekend dining out. I’m glad it now opened a few blocks away 🙂

  4. KTDP says:

    can’t hardly wait …..

  5. Pretoria says:

    Yeah this is the same one as the one in the Avenues. Mishref is becoming so cool!

  6. Eve's Heart says:

    look nice so far, can’t wait to try it

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