Alis Bee Hive

What will be your reaction if you opened your bed room window and found bee hive! That what happened to Ali, Just got a phone call from him asking me to share this with you guys and asking for a way to move them safely for both (Him + Bees).


This entry was posted on Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 3:45 pm

15 Responses to “Ali’s Bee Hive”

  1. omg says:

    I would call 777!!
    In my book, this is considered an emergency, you never know who’s allergic to bees. You never know whats to happen to you after just 40 attack you – let alone 400!
    You friend should stay away from them, not irritate them and call a beekeeper.

  2. omg says:

    I just noticed the bird. shoja3a.

  3. Darkwing duck says:

    Drink gasoline and then set the behive on fire and piss on them! Lazy bastards! They should go out and get a real job instead of hanging out all day!

  4. Hamad says:

    mishary, gola eyeb eshwayat zar3 we7erga ta7at’hom nis sa3a w eser 3aal el3aaal

  5. Ansam says:

    Its better to call beekeepers to remove to another location safely and in tact! Tell him to make sure that they should NOT leave any trace of the old hive, because anything left may attract other bees to rebuild a new hive in that same spot, so it must be washed really well! So the area should be super clean when the hive is removed!
    If you cant find proper beekeepers, just call someone from pest control! Oh and the smoke idea up is not a bad one to try! Good luck…

    Had similar problem while I was in the States… loooong time ago! Hehehe! If the area is not properly cleaned, anything as small as odor can attract bees to build new hive!

  6. Danderma says:


    This is in Q8? Min ween lina bees that make bee hives chithee? ye9eer? could happen to any one?!

    Tawnee adri inah ye9eer… i thought they were collateral for having forests and greenery abroad… mo bel 9a7ra m3a il bree3siya ihnee!!!!

    o aham shay il 7mama ilee wara ga3da wala hamha…

  7. Abid says:

    Put them on fire.

  8. armagadon says:

    i can not stop imagining the look on Ali’s face when he saw this ;p

  9. Marzouq says:

    I would have been happy I have window between me and them! lol

    And thank god those aren’t wasps! Those are nasty and dangerous!

  10. Scotch says:

    El So’al, how were they attracted to Ali’s Window from the first place? tara this is serious ya jema3a.