Electrozan just released it for KD229 which is really good price, but still not sure if it branded or not.

Thanks ANM


This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 at 7:02 pm

9 Responses to “Blackberry BOLD II Released in Kuwait”

  1. Ali says:

    Ive just bought it today @ 3 pm
    took the best PIN :p after checking 9 boxes lol

    Its unbranded , qwerty keyboard , 6 months warranty

    bs once u get it you have to update it from ur laptop in order to be able to write in arabic IF you can memorize the letters positions since the keyboard is still english.

    good deal compared to na9aben 7awali o sharq especially that its with warranty..

  2. Frankom says:

    Just add another KD50 and get the 32GB iPhone 🙂

    (now we are talking about iPhone a lot) hate this 😛

  3. Anonymous says:

    I ordered mine from kuwait-mall.com and I was supposed to get it 11/11-14/11. unfortunately, i still didnt get it and have no idea when im gnna get it since they are not answering my sms messages and my email. On the brightside, it was a bargain with the 199kd price tag.

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  5. Mr Original Bold says:

    Think it’s pretty damned ugly compared to the Bold 9000.

  6. Zweiz says:

    Where are they located? I know Ghazali street next to centerpoint, but I never go to that area.. so I need more help pls..: ))))

  7. 6umasha says:

    ana abe hatha:S
    3nde curve bss la’a hathe t3alieq wayed ;p tnarfeezzz

  8. Aurous says:

    do u think zain will have an offer on the new bold?

  9. Hi, for those interested,
    we have only 2 Blackberry BOLD 2 9700 in Kuwait left right now (also called Onyx).
    240 KD each.
    NO waiting, the first to call is the first to get it. blackberryinkuwait@hotmail.com
    Mob.: 9940 8139