I’m back! I spent my little vacation at the red sea and I’m very annoyed that it ended! I spent the last few days at a place called Al leith, I don’t know how to spell it, but it’s 2 to 3 hours south of Jeddah by car, and we spent the whole 5 days on a yacht, very far away from land. With no mobile service and no internet. Yep. Secluded, no ringing, no buzzing and no nothing. just us, the sea, and… the sea. A Great fully loaded post is coming up soon inshallah, but right now I need to get some sleep.. my head is twirling and I feel like am still in the sea.

The video above is a one I shot during one of the dives. The corals and the visibility is amazing. it’s in a place called Canyon Reef, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. You guys wouldn’t believe how beautiful the place is!


This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 11:09 pm

8 Responses to “Canyon Reef – Jeddah”

  1. el visibilty mo sijjjj

  2. M7 says:

    chenna aqwa men sharm !!
    7addy e7tarait ! ;@
    3asa ma7ad taqalqa9 ?
    esafra nag9atny 9aa7 ?

  3. Bo9ale7 says:

    1/2 cream next time int weyana inshalla 😉

    M7 wala eney kel eshway athkerik there ;(

  4. ban1 says:

    mo nageeeee9kom ela ana

  5. Marzouq says:

    Thats a very nice video! Welcome back!

  6. Hamad says:

    aham shy el fins 7da 3jeeeeeeb …