Seagate Barracuda

Also today I came up with three items and will begin with Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB SATA hard drive for only KD28 shipped, originally priced at KD57. So all what you need is a case for this beauty and at the end you will be gaining 1.5TB for only KD28.

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canon printer

The second item is Canon PIXMA MP490 which was priced at KD29 and now its going for KD14 including shipping.


1.8” LCD Screen:Easily view, select and edit your images for simple computer-free printing. No downloading needed, just pick your pic and print!

Auto Photo Fix II:This built-in technology automatically categorizes your images into one of five types – Portrait, Scenery, Night Scenery, Snapshot with Scenery, and Snapshot with Night Scenery – then applies optimal image and multi-zone exposure correction. So, unexposed areas of the photo will be optimized, area by area and faces that are backlit and under-exposed will automatically be brightened with correct color cast to help ensure more accurate skin tones for gorgeous images.

Beautiful & Borderless4: Print photo lab quality from 4” x 6” up to 8.5” x 11”.

QuickStart: Powering up your printer is now faster than ever. After pressing the power button you can begin inputting commands in approximately 2 seconds. So, full operation is possible in much shorter time.

Auto Scan Mode: Automatically recognizes the type of original you are scanning and saves it the appropriate settings.

Dual Color Gamut Technology:Copy photos and documents with confidence as this built-in technology automatically optimizes your originals so copies stay true to it time after time, copy after copy.

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swissgear laptop backpack

The last item was SwissGear Laptop Backpack for only KD14 shipped, originally priced at KD49.

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5 Responses to “Deal of The Day”

  1. Adsonic says:

    I think you meant to write “you will be gaining 1.5TB for only KD28” (not 5TB).

    But that’s just me 🙂

  2. Mishary says:

    Opssss, just updated it 🙂

  3. A. Craaybeek says:

    After using this netbook daily for a month now, I can say that I really enjoy it. Unlike my other laptops, I feel free to move around the house and use it wherever I want; it’s like carrying a small book around. Other laptops are just too heavy and big to do this and, at least the HP and dell’s I’ve used, always needed to be plugged in because the batteries never last long enough. I like how fast this netbook boots up (~40 seconds) and shuts down (~15 seconds), unlike all the other computers in my life that take forever. (I did go to a samsung netbook user group and change some setting like they recommended to speedup the start/stop times). The Atom processor works like a charm in this setup; forgot those hot running dual core-whatever chips. The fan rarely comes on and I rarely even feel some warmth from the bottom of the netbook. This is how computers should be. Although I don’t run graphics, cad/cam, or other complicated software, but who does. For websurfing, this is it. This computer seems faster than my desktop 3ghz pentium. Why is that?? Screen looks great with backlighting; keyboard is fine; touchpad is small but I haven’t found the need to add a mouse. Speakers are minimally functional. I may need to buy another netbook for my wife so she can stop using the brick-like Dell laptop with the noisy fans – although it does keep her warm in the winter, once she finally gets it to bootup. Bottom line: buy it and enjoy.

  4. bukhalid says:

    Nice post. I need to check this out.

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