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I was reading Mark’s post about the DHL forwarding service. while most of the comments were positive, I came across this one comment that included this LINK , and it’s about a guy who had a bad experience and decided to make a whole site to trash the new DHL service. This makes me think twice about the service, but then again it makes me wonder as to why would anyone dedicate such time and energy and build up a whole website just to trash a service?!



This entry was posted on Saturday, November 21st, 2009 at 11:06 pm

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  1. Yousef says:

    You don’t have to think twice before using DHL, you can use my account 😛 I subscribed a year and a half ago and haven’t been using shopping online much.

  2. Katukoa says:

    In Kuwait, due to high demand on this service, DHL only charge you for the actual weight of the package and not volumetric weight. In Saudi Arabia they may charge for volume as in the case of this Saudi user. This was confirmed by one comment also on Mark’s blog.

    So no, no second thoughts for me, bye bye aramex.

  3. 7amood says:

    I used DHL service 2 times till they screwed me over and decided to CLOSE my account with them and go back to Aramex. The manageent didn’t even bother asking for my feedback so in my opinion Aramex is BOTH, CHEAPER and FASTER!!!

  4. M! says:

    with my recent orders this is what happened. Iv been ordering using both Aramex and DHL, been a Aramex customer for a long time. DHL is much faster all the time, but you have to pick up the package, as for price smaller percheses i feel that Aramex is cheaper but any large or heavy objects DHL.

    I am using DHL more and more as i find that being a little more expensive and getting my order to Kuwait in a reasonable amount of time is what i want.

  5. Hamad says:

    ive tried dhl’s service 1yr ago with yousef’s account. they’ve charged me around 60kd for a macbook 13″ because of the volumetric thing.. if they gonna use just the weight to charge you then u should switch from aramex to dhl since they’re much faster and reliable but if they’re still using their stupid volume way dont.

  6. Mishary says:

    For me picking up the package once it reached Kuwait is not a problem for me but the reasonable amount of time & cost is what I want.

  7. n says:

    i just opened an account with them but did not try them yet

  8. Meshal says:

    I tried DHL service last month and ended up doing the customs clearance myself after paying a 5 KD clearance fee to DHL !
    DHL rep. told me I better do it myself or my package will take another 5 days in customs.

    Also I had to pay 8 KD more to NAS, global etc. handling fees ! Of course the items were not taxed because of their low value (25 KD).

    At the end total paid fees was 13 KD for goods of 25 KD value and 2 hours just wasted.

    Aramex on the other hand are no better exaggerated cost and slow delivery. Some packages take weeks to arrive !

  9. 7amood says:

    One of the MAJOR reasons on why I should CANCEL my VISA INTERNET CARD!!!!!

  10. Shaikha says:

    Well i had the same experience as that noeasyshop.com man, i ordered some reeally light clothes from the states, which cost me around $100, when they arrived, i had to go to their place next to khaleejiya to pick up my package. i had to pay around KD40 because of their stupid volumetric weight thing. i was so pissed off, the staff were really careless. i had to leave my package there, and never went back to them again.
    Aramex is excellent.

  11. 7amood says:

    Aramex o bas 😀

  12. Frankom says:

    This is very old (i mean the letter from the guy)
    the new thing is that DHL is dealing with weighting stuff and has nothing to do with measurements

  13. Fawzy Mawy says:

    ALL, DHL easy shop is the worst experience in Egypt. they dont have a clue about the service and it is all in a hand of one person, which as you expect is never their and never answer phone extension, nor email, even his mobile number and not reply to SMS.


  14. J.H.D says:

    I have ordered some items throu DHL BorderLinx (Easy Shop) to Saudi Arabia —– very very very high cost and for nothing but silley policy

    Here is the rate:

    First half kilo = 70 SAR
    each extra half kilo = add extra 35 SAR

    for volumetric calculation
    convert the size into weight:

    L (cm) * W (cm) * D (cm) / 5000

    then take the higher value of the weight vs. size in kilo


    A package which is 4.5 Kilos and the size is
    Length = 50 cm /// Width = 40 cm /// Depth = 30 cm
    volumetric weight will be (50 * 40 * 30) / 5000 = 12 Kilo
    So this package will cost (35 + (70 * 12)) = 875 SAR + Dutty

    which will end with more than 900 SAR

    Believe it, it happened with me when I purchased a Mother Board from ANTOnline, then UPS Packaged that mother-board in larger cartoon,

    The original motherboard pack Size converted into weight was 2.3 kilo , the actual weight was less than 4 kilo and that was supposed to be around 315 SAR, but because of the larger cartoon that UPS has used to pack my Item they calculated that delivery as 10.3 Kilo which costs over 800 SAR

    The silly thing about DHL/BorderLinx, that they DON’T have repackaging amd they will refuse to open your order and repack it in smaller pack, because it is against thier policy.

    So I have ended up paying 800 SAR for empty cartoon – Imagine that.

    They told me, it was my responsibility to tell the seller to pack it in smaller cartoon, but the seller actaully handle it to UPS without packing and UPS do the packing up, UPS use larger packs for Items to ensure more safety and to avoid item damages, and how I will explain that to DHL or even UPS.

    BorderLinx/DHL people are bunch of idiots, I have even called BorderLinx in USA, and they are never helpfull, they just receive, register then send. they never bother about the customer satisfaction.

    on the other hand it is very fast, but only because it is DHL. the BorderLinx service itself is not professional at all.