Nas is a new airlines company based in Saudi Arabia. I was onboard one of it’s flights not so long ago, and I was left with a real bad first impression. The plane made all sort of sounds throughout the flight, and the flight attendants had attitude problems. They were completely unprofessional.

I won’t use them for my future travels. If they don’t care to leave a good first impression considering they’re very new to the market, I won’t care to give them a second chance. Jazeera airways is much better anyway, even AlArabiya would be a better choice.



This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 at 10:21 am

7 Responses to “Don’t Fly Nas”

  1. Area-965 says:

    ilsara7aa i dont blame you , ive tried it as well and its reallllyyyyyy baadd !!

  2. triple-a says:

    i thought they had a brand new fleet of airlines and supposedly very competitive prices! i dont use their routes much so never tried it.

  3. 7amood says:

    il wa6aniya o bas 😛

  4. Marzouq says:

    Like 7amood!

    Wa6aniya o Bes!

  5. Darkwing duck says:

    You should clarify your actual experiences. What happened? You can’t just say, “I hate mcdonalds”. You have to explain why exactly you hate mcdonalds. Bad food? Flight delays?

  6. I have something similar to say except it involves a restaurant in Dubai – Karam’s (to be precise) in the Mall of Emirates.
    I have vowed never to set foot there again. Their service is a joke as they would only employ staff with an attitude.
    Haven’t been to Karam’s in Kuwait but doubt if they would be any different!

    In fact, my experience with them was so rotten that it has totally put me off Lebanese food. I will save the details for another day another post.