Envy and el7asad is something mentioned in the Quran, it’s not something we’re debating nor questioning. But don’t you think we’ve been giving too much credit to the “Evil Eyes”?

People can’t have a bad thing going in their lives and not blame someone for the misfortune. No one can get into an accident anymore and not contribute it to an evil eye. it’s always 7asad, always an animus someone who has an eye out on them.

I knew it got out of hand when my brothers accused a post I did of causing harm to a member of our family. Yep they think my post had something to do with it. This means that il3ain il7arra can now travel through the internet!

I know another person who was telling me that she doesn’t share her travel plans anymore, reason being: “I went through many serious cases of 7asad and ended up not enjoying my vacation because I shared my plans with my relatives.”

Are people taking it too far? or maybe having an answer as to why things are going wrong and accusing an outsider is far more convenient than having to search for one’s mistakes.

I don’t know if I’m overly open when talking about things that are going in my life, or if people are getting overly secretive. One thing I know though.. People are giving way too much credit to il3ain il7ara.


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  1. QWERTY says:

    Maybe it is increasing, this acknowledgment of the evil eye business altogether; but maybe it is because it really is an increase in 7assad. Don’t you think?
    Personally I came to believe in it with experience. It is bad to talk about the good things in life openly in big gatherings where people listen, admire, and fiddle with the thought in their heads; or so I came to believe. In the end, why not refrain from it if these people are people you meet 4 times a year only?
    Frankly, I fear not only being the victim of the evil eye; I also fear causing it and always commit to reciting mashaAlla when I admire. That can’t be a bad thing.

    I think it is ridiculous to accuse a specific person of jinxing a situation; that is plain ignorance.
    Regarding 7assad is an attitude, a mentality, a principle – if you may – of refraining from boasting the good details of our lives. It must never be about blaming and pointing fingers!

  2. Saud says:

    Thank you for keeping an open mind, I wish more bloggers were like you about such issues. I could not agree with you more.

  3. Thami Sarab says:

    Well at least and at last they are (giving) something ; )
    In a so called conservative society, religion could always be a cornerstone to which we lay on all our misfortunes…we simply know how to ridicule ourselves and blame an (outsider) and a (conspiracy) for our failures!

  4. Umme Kulsum says:

    Totally agree…its boggles my mind how people can blame someone for the mishappening that happen to them due to there own shortcomings. I have a friend too who wont share her travelling plans with anyone before leaving.During one of her travels which was very important to her, she ofcourse didnt inform us abt it. Unfortunately, the flight didnt take off that day coz of weather and technical faults. Now now , since no one knew abt it whom do you blame now of the evil eye ? Things just happen because they are meant to be or that you did something to trigger it. Have more faith in the good than the evil !!

  5. :::ShoSho::: says:

    Hmm I do agree with you to some extent.. I do believe in 7asad but yeah it pisses me off when ANYTHING happens they say it’s 3ain.. I always say mashallah but sometimes i don’t even comment because even if you say mashallah people believe 3ainik 7arra anyways so why bother..
    Personally I don’t tell much about what i do in my life, and it’s easier co I am not living in Kuwait but not because of 7asad, there’s nothing to envy wallah but personally I like to do things on my own, without people judging me or telling me to do or not do it you know…

  6. Musaed says:

    If envy has a big affect on people, then Bill Gates should be broke at least 10 years ago!

  7. Q8y says:

    explain this, my marriage was a secret except for our families, once the word got out we couldn’t stop fighting till we got divorced. now either of us know why were we fighting. but we still can’t be in the same room together cuz each time we do, we have have to fight.

    i have no other explanation and i don’t even believe in the evil eye.

  8. duh says:

    Q8y @ 4:35 pm

    seriously? tara kel elnas tetzawaj :S ya7sdonek 3ala sheno 3ala mortek? wala ya7sdonha 3alik?

    everyone gets married, no one will envy you for that. Your ex wife was probably not into you or vise versa…


  9. Danderma says:

    i stopped sharing my travel plans because if i share it with certain people suddenly every thing on earth that can go wrong miraculously can go wrong.

    If you think about it… 3ain o 7asad is nothing but evil energy… something like bad karma or bad cosmic energy that can wreck havoc to your surroundings

    now the qur2an protection, which is invisible, would also provide you some source of protective energy. However the level of that energy depends from one person to another… ako ppl they say about them ‘najemhom khafeef’ meaning they are more effected by bad energy or evil eye 7asad than other people. The solution is to always make sure you read surat il baqara + mo3awethat for extra protection…

    ham ako people have increased evil energy… especially small round eyes or green eyes… i have seen so many cases of 7asad infront of my eyes o DIRECT y3ni in one second without saying masha2 allah something bad happens… i can fill a whole blog with it…

    ooh yes it can transfer via internet.. if i read a post o like mathalan a cake ur mom baked o you posted o i would go “Uffff om yosef caikat.ha etyanin”… energy will fly to your mom mathalan… china il 3eed b3d! If you look into the energy science people they can actually send energy to each other if they are advanced in the energy thing! Fa igraw il mo3awethat o ppl plz say masha2 allah!!!!

  10. smurf says:

    well i strongly believe in 7assad ,, and they say the closest ppl envy you the most! so protect yourself very well with quraan ,, ive had many incidents with il3ain and 7asad , explain this –

    i nvr said anything about my travel plans , but once i wrote LONDON on facebook i got sick the whole week there!
    once i had my little brothers pic on facebook he got sick the very next day!
    when i got engaged 7 people from my family passed away!!
    it may be coincedence but i personally believe in it!

  11. Winterbells says:

    Truuueee, i agree!! Try to read the mo3awithat and nothing will happen inshalla;p

  12. Alya says:

    Oooff I hate it when people blame everything on “the eye”. Yes it exists, yes it can have damaging effects, but it’s not always the case! Sometimes it’s coincidence, other times it’s just “kitbat Allah”.. Things happen for a reason, and not just because someone gave you the eye.

    It’s more common in women though. You should see what we have to deal with!

  13. i cant stand it when people talk about 7asad. people will do anything to pass the blame off one someone else and make themselves seem more important. they never think maybe THEY have the bad energy thats causing them all this harm.

  14. lendmeurear says:

    Obviously 7asad does exist. There is a 7adith regarding this matter but of course I don’t know it word for word. It states how 7asad will occur ONLY IF the person believes that it will. To clarify, when a person talks to someone about her travel plans and in the back of her mind thinks or believes that this person may give her “the eye,” then what she’s afraid of will come true. Contrarily, when she protects herself with the Quran and athkar and knows with CERTAINTY that her plans will not get messed up even if this person wants ta7sidha, then NOTHING will happen.

    There is also another 7adith that states, “wasta3eeno 3la qadaa2 7awa2ijikom bilkitman.” Personally I follow this 7adith in many aspects of my life.