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I once was inspected by the Saudi border officials, and was asked to declare whether I had x rated videos on my laptop. I was asked to start up my laptop and show them what kind of videos I had on it. Upon asking the border official what kind of files he was looking for, he responded with “A7na shabab wen3aref ba3ath.” As funny as that may sound now, I wasn’t laughing then, and he was dead serious. Adding to the “maskharaness” of this whole situation, the gentleman didn’t have any clue how to use a Mac. He then went on and asked me to do my own search for nasty videos on my laptop. In my turn, I asked what word he would like me to do a search for, and thats when he finally felt silly, and let me go.

Thanks Fawaz


This entry was posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 8:54 am

14 Responses to “How your laptop can get you in jail”

  1. area-965 says:

    same thing happened to me a while ago , as he said يا الاخو افتحلي برنامج النافذه i was like WHAT ? nafethaa who ? after a while i understood that nafitha stands for windows apparently and the guy insisted that all computers in the world use DOS. i told him dude , we use terminal he said no DOS , i told him fine keep the laptop with you until u find DOS. 30 min later he gave up and said bayin el jehaaz netheef !!! WTH > LOL

  2. Danderma says:

    ya rabi ish hal mo9akha?

    what is the correct definition of xrated videos y3ni? A scene from friends between rachel and ross mathalan?! More? Less?

    b3dain ymkin ana 3ndi sowar my wife and sisters in a family labseen bedal 3ers mathalan… hal hatha xrated? 3la ay asas ohom ye6eloon ib my pc ? O shako iy6oloon ib my pc? Ok ana afham il programme piracy thing… lakin what kind of videos are being shown in my own PC is my own business for gods sake! Weee3!

    intaw shako?! Seriously shako? dont you have enough things to look for?!

    Whats next? probes to extract memories from my brain to see if i have dirty thoughts?! or seen dirty scenes? maybe for guys who have travelled abroad and now have naughty memories?!

  3. 1001Nights says:

    LOL @ ifta7li brnamij il nafithaa k3k3k3k3k!

  4. lendmeurear says:

    if they were really serious about the inspection then they should assign “professionals” who know how to work a computer and know what they are looking for; not to hassle the travelers!!!

  5. Mohammed says:

    I think their strategy is :

    1st he asks please open your laptop
    2nd he asks please show me “nafitha” X-rated files
    3rd He waits until the gentleman with the laptop if he runs away and leaving the laptop he has the “nafitha” files and that’s it no professional needed less expensive

  6. AGWAF says:

    Hahahaha AlNafitha is hilarious!! Barnamaj AlNafithah? LOOL what would they call a Mac then?
    Barnamaj AlTuffa7ah?


  7. Marzouq says:

    The naming is funny but you are 100%, i always keep my files seperate and throw some encryption on it to hide it.. if a file is encrypted it can not be seached, simple as that

  8. KTDP says:

    poo on them and their shitty rules ……

  9. Web Weaver says:

    Nas fathia mo 3arfa shetsawi eb3omerha!
    Alnafetha! Ha! as if Al Naftha or whatever Xrated movie on a lap top will stop Xrated minds! (not all of course)
    If a guy encrypts his files how the hell would they find what they’re looking for? Duh!

    The only Xrated vid I have is of my toddler nephew singing Twinkle Twinkle little star in the bath tub! would they hold me for that??

  10. nibaq says:

    I just came back from Riyad and they didn’t check my computer, Thou I use a mac and made a precaution and created another account that was completely clean and so if they wanted to check my computer it would take to my fake clean account.

  11. luqman says:

    in this case they should check our mobiles,ipods,every data carrier..etc. seems crazy..

  12. 3abood says:

    hailag shetaria minhom

  13. Hamlet says:

    My Nafitha is now working well these days. I guess it is time to get Sab3a operating system

  14. hahahaha. this, my friends, is called putting the human race to good use! Allaah 3al ta8adom! he can throw himself out his “nafitha” before he checks my laptop!