is the tide turning for the iphone and blackberry

Suddenly everyone is asking about the iPhone. I thought the backlash won’t be starting for another year or so, Are we fed up with the Blackberry? So soon?

I’m not considering jumping ships just yet.


This entry was posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2009 at 11:02 pm

8 Responses to “Is The Tide Turning?”

  1. Musaed says:

    iPhone is smarter and when people pay 21k.d or 13 k.d for sms in BB you get it for free in iPhone.

  2. kwt23 says:

    I guarantee u that everyone who has a blackberry in kuwait SHOULD have gotten an iPhone instead. ‘cuz BBs r for businessmen, and with iPhone u get all the apps and games which teenagers like (I’ve seen many KIDS with BBs in kwait)…

  3. Marzouq says:

    To hell with the iPhone!!!! I’m all for BB, so much more useful and simply functional! And simple connectivity is great

  4. :::ShoSho::: says:

    LoooL I don’t know.. The only thing i don’t like about theiphone is the touch screen keyboard.. it’s annoying for typing sms..

  5. Bu Khaled says:

    the funny thing is the only reason half of kuwait has Blackberry’s is for the BBM only, without internet or BBM the phone is useless

  6. TwaiF says:

    i have both, iphone for applications and fun
    the BB is for emails and BBM!! i can only switch to iphone if all my freinds switch;)

  7. Frankom says:

    I used to hate both but since i have the iphone im loving it but still loyal to Nokia :>

  8. backlash wont be starting? Yousef! jumping ships? wake up! .. ur way behind, so is all Crackberry users.. only time will tell.. and time is money, ur loss 😛