For my brother’s wedding (Milcha) we chose Jane Packer Flowers to take care of the flowers for this occasion. We called them to arrange for the whole thing, and they asked to visit us and take a look at the place so we could select where the flower would be and all. Then we chose the flowers and colors.

On the day of the Milcha, they came at around 3 o’clock. A supervisor and his staff arranged the flowers, and they were organized. After putting their final touches I took the liberty to take pictures for you guys. I like the end results and recommend this place.

Their phone # 97115881


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9 Responses to “Jane Packer Flowers”

  1. nice shots mishary 🙂

  2. Dee says:

    v nice arrangements mashalla!
    3asa allah eywaf’ga 🙂

  3. Bu Yousef says:

    Mabrook… Lovely shots.

  4. Ansam says:

    Mabroook 🙂 I like the arrangements

  5. Kwak says:

    Very different. Can I ask how much they asked for?

  6. Sn3a says:


    l wrd l abyath jad jad raw3a
    o l arrangements so proffessional

    nice pics btw

  7. B says:

    gorgeous arrangements

  8. Flowers says:

    Your floral arrangement of wedding flowers looks great. All the shots on your blog are appreciated. Nice blog.

  9. florist says:

    very nice picture thanks