Movie Premiere Michael Moor's new movie

Earlier tonight I was invited to see the new Michael Moore movie, Capitalism: A love story. First and foremost I’d like to say that KNCC putting an effort to attract people from the Kuwaiti blogging community shows forward thinking and I’m glad and grateful that I was invited. I think that seeing such a prominent company tap into the blogging community is a testament to the blogging movement in Kuwait as a whole.

Ok. The Movie. If you’ve never seen Michael Moore’s documentaries in the past you may assume that this is just another boring documentary dealing with facts, figures, numbers, historical events… yeah so basically you’d think it’d be a snooze fest. While these factors were there, they were used in a way that made this documentary far from boring. The commentary in the background was full of wit, humor and sarcasm in pointing out the tragic ironies caused by the system. A system that is accused by the movie of causing the exploitation of the poor while the rich just get richer. Let me assure you, Michael Moore is no fan of capitalism in fact this whole movie strikes me as a propaganda campaign against the negative side effects of Capitalism.

I’m not gonna ruin it for you, overall it’s an enjoyable movie and it does give you something to think about, however, its useful to know that it represents a certain view point and is far from being objective.


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One Response to “Movie Premiere: Michael Moore’s new movie”

  1. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    I like the way this guy thinks! I tend to enjoy his documentaries. The part were you keep nodding and your’re like: “Oh I did not know that!” or e wallah sj! lol

    Here is a thought, KNCC brings out the “good”movies during MID-TERMS! lol b3dain when midterms r over, I’m like: alright lets watch this thing, buy popcorn, maltesers and barbican! lol 3la hal lahfaa! the movie is not on anymore! lol

    oh well shu bdna na3mol?! hehe