The Fridge Locker

Tired of your kids eating your chocolates or don’t want them to drinks coca cola in the fridge? With the Fridge Locker I think the problem is solved!. it’s basically “a small cage that you use for storing your own private food.”

It going to cost you around KD 5.700.

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Will be in Qatar within couple of hours for a work related trip, and will be back after tomorrow, Hope this time I can blog from there.




What Your Gonna See

You Have to go a couple of meters away from the monitor then you can figure it out and tell me what is it 🙂

Thanks Ahmad


Somecontrast REstaurant

Me & Yousef got this email couple of times  from this lady asking us to book her a table and for 6 other persons, Now the question is, Is there any restaurant called SOMEcontrast? because what i concluded from her several emails that SOMEcontrast’s restaurant is really good because she’s insisting on booking in that restaurant.

Here is the email:

“Dear Sirs,

Kindly call us asap as we are unable to contact you. Pls book 1 round table
for 7 person for dinner for tonight.

My cell no. : XXXXXXXX




Watch Full Movies Online_1

Just got this by email, its site that offer large selection of movies for free .. all what you have to do is select the movie that you wish to watch and then your going to stream it. Check out these free movie apps.

Watch Full Movies Online_2

It also offers you subtitle as an option.

If your interested click HERE

Thanks INM


Shoes Made of Bread_1

Looking for something unique? Then these edible loafers is for you, Best of all, you can actually purchase bread shoes here — priced at KD10 for adult sizes. More picture below.

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Delice De France's Miss Spell

Yes, its small Chowklate, But still its delicious and available in Mishref if you want some Chowklate 🙂


For those who’s looking for the new BOLD its released HERE and you can order it for around KD205 and they also offer direct shipping to Kuwait via UPS or you can send it to your Aramex address, Me & Hamad tried them couple of times and they are really professionals.

For me I will be sticking with my iPhone till further notice 😉

For ordering click HERE





This how my weekend goes, and I’m enjoying it 🙂

Thanks Ahmad




Jeddah Here I Come!

I’ll be leaving today to Jeddah on a diving trip with Bubbles Diving Center. We will be living on the boat for the entire journey, and have unlimited dives. UNLIMITED dives! It’d be a minimum of 3 times a day.. for 5 days.. yeah I’m gonna hate the day I got my license, but that’s alright, as long as I’m away from the daily routine I’ll be happy, even if it just for a few days.

I’m gonna be away till tuesday. I’m going to post all about it when I come back. Wish me luck!

Mishary take care of the blog. I have spies everywhere 😛


King Faisal & Henry Kissinger 1

I received a message on my blackberry earlier in the day, it was about King Faisal and how great a king He was. It had this little piece of conversation between King Faisal & Henry Kissinger that went something like this:

When Henry Kissinger met King faisal to talk about the oil embargo issue, and in an attempt to go into the subject lighten up the mood, Kissinger said something about his plane sitting on the runway and can’t move because of the lack of fuel, and that he wished the King would be generous enough to sell him enough fuel to get the plane off the runway. The King didn’t smile, but instead replied with: “And I’m an old man who wishes to pray at Al Aqsa mosque before he dies, can you make that wish come true?”

I loved this story, and I tried looking around the net to read more about it, and maybe confirm that it happened, but couldn’t find anything.

While looking for a source, I came across these paragraphs that I liked:

King Faisal & Henry Kissinger 2

And this:

“Prince Turki said King Faisal, who was in Jeddah at the time, received a telegram from Kissinger warning that if the Kingdom did not lift the embargo, the US would take all measures to protect its interests.

“The message was not specific about the measures they were going to take, but it appeared that they would use force. A CIA representative gave me the unsigned message, telling me it was from Kissinger… I went to the king and conveyed its contents. He received the message, read it and said: ‘Kheir insha Allah (Good, God willing).’

“It was very clear that it had come from the American government… The king was very relaxed, cheerful, humorous and was in good spirits despite the threat… This reflected his high quality and determination. He was giving the message that the Kingdom would not bow down to a threat, as a result of a decision it had taken with other Arab countries. It was a great reply,” said Prince Turki.”

I find King Faisal very strong, wise, down to earth, blatant and honest.. an interesting mix that led straight to his assassination.


IMAX Fires of kuwait poster

This coming friday, the 6th of november, will mark the 18th year anniversary of extinguishing the last of the Kuwait oil well fires. And for this occasion the scientific center will be showing Fires of Kuwait on their IMAX theater during that day.

Press release:

In commemoration of extinguishing the last of the Kuwait oil well fires18 years ago, The Scientific Center will be exclusively showing the IMAX film ‘Fires of Kuwait’ on Friday, November 6, 2009 hourly from 2:30pm-9:30pm. Engineer Sara Akbar, the only woman to participate in the extinguishing efforts, will be present from 4pm-6pm to give a speech about her experience and to sign autographs. This anniversary coincides with the United Nations’ International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict. A press release by the U.N regarding November 6 said that “on this day, we would like to renew the commitment to preventing the exploitation of the environment in times of conflict and to protecting the environment as pillar of our work for global peace and sustainable development”.

Fires of Kuwait is a film about the effects and damages to the environment caused by the oil well fires. The fires were put out in seven months, a feat that many experts believed would take three years. To mark the occasion, each ticket will cost only KD 1.800 for either adults or children. To book tickets online go to www.tsck.org.kw or call 1 848 888 for any enquiries.


I was really a big fan of the classic real time strategy game Command & Conquer: Red Alert is released  to the iPhone. From the video above, it would appear to be a faithful re-working of the PC original.


You can fight as the Allies or Soviets, through 12 combat levels in skirmish mode or on two battle maps. Upcoming updates will include free multiplayer over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and an Empire of the Sun expansion pack.

It going to cost you around KD3  iTunes link


Movie Premiere Michael Moor's new movie

Earlier tonight I was invited to see the new Michael Moore movie, Capitalism: A love story. First and foremost I’d like to say that KNCC putting an effort to attract people from the Kuwaiti blogging community shows forward thinking and I’m glad and grateful that I was invited. I think that seeing such a prominent company tap into the blogging community is a testament to the blogging movement in Kuwait as a whole.

Ok. The Movie. If you’ve never seen Michael Moore’s documentaries in the past you may assume that this is just another boring documentary dealing with facts, figures, numbers, historical events… yeah so basically you’d think it’d be a snooze fest. While these factors were there, they were used in a way that made this documentary far from boring. The commentary in the background was full of wit, humor and sarcasm in pointing out the tragic ironies caused by the system. A system that is accused by the movie of causing the exploitation of the poor while the rich just get richer. Let me assure you, Michael Moore is no fan of capitalism in fact this whole movie strikes me as a propaganda campaign against the negative side effects of Capitalism.

I’m not gonna ruin it for you, overall it’s an enjoyable movie and it does give you something to think about, however, its useful to know that it represents a certain view point and is far from being objective.


Happy news for online shoppers, Saks Fifth Avenue added Kuwait to their list so now they ship directly to Kuwait via FedEx.


Also there is an option to view all the items in Kuwaiti dinars, But the sad news is not all brands can be shipped to Kuwait for example, Juicy Couture, UGG Australia .. and others.



Läderach chocolatier suisse

I don’t usually enjoy this sort of chocolates, but this one is good. The one we tried was strawberry chocolate, and the little red bits you see in the picture taste like crushed strawberry candy.

Laderach Boutique is in Ibis hotel in Salmiya. Their phone # 25749495

Thanks HBZ


^ Click on the picture for a bigger version.

I once was inspected by the Saudi border officials, and was asked to declare whether I had x rated videos on my laptop. I was asked to start up my laptop and show them what kind of videos I had on it. Upon asking the border official what kind of files he was looking for, he responded with “A7na shabab wen3aref ba3ath.” As funny as that may sound now, I wasn’t laughing then, and he was dead serious. Adding to the “maskharaness” of this whole situation, the gentleman didn’t have any clue how to use a Mac. He then went on and asked me to do my own search for nasty videos on my laptop. In my turn, I asked what word he would like me to do a search for, and thats when he finally felt silly, and let me go.

Thanks Fawaz




November 11, 1962

Sout Al-Kuwait is a civic lobby group protecting personal and social freedoms through the activation and preservation of the rights stipulated in the Kuwaiti constitution. The Group meets its target through organized media campaigns, public relations and direct communication with the Parliament member and other State decision makers. Since its establishment, the Group published several booklets and brochures providing simplified review of constitutional rights, their impact and importance, and their conflict with some of the current legislations – (available on www.soutalkuwait.com). Sout Al-Kuwait also participated in several exhibitions, rallies, and carnivals in an attempt to educate the youth about the Constitution articles and relate them to our daily lives. We lead several educational activities in schools, colleges and universities introducing students to concepts like citizenship, human rights, constitutional rights and encouraging their involvement in volunteer civic and social work.

One of our most important events is the celebration of the anniversary of the Constitution of Kuwait which was signed off by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem in November 11, 1962. This year we plan a grand carnival in front of the Kuwait Parliament (Sahat Al Irada). This event will be a collaborative effort by other NGOs and some civic groups. It is a family event filled with activities suitable to all ages and interests. There will be a special area for children and another for art and poetry national music band lead by Belal Al-Shami and many other outdoor activities. Participants will be taken through the amazing journey of the Constitution in a fun and friendly environment.

We hope that you and your family will join us celebrating the Constitution anniversary this year on Wednesday, November 11 in front of the Parliament from 5:30 to 10 pm

صوت الكويت مجموعة ضغط مدنية تسعى لحماية الحقوق الشخصية والعامة عبر حماية وتفعيل دستور دولة الكويت عبر التوعية الاعلامية والتواصل مع صانعي القرار في المجلس و الحكومة.

وقد أصدرت المجموعة العديد من الكتيبات والنشرات التي تقدم مادة مبسطة حول الحقوق الدستورية وأهميتها وتضارب بعض (www.soutalkuwait.com)القوانين مع تلك الحقوق.

كما شاركت المجموعة في العديد من المعارض واللقاءات والمهرجانات لتوعية الشباب بالدستور ومواده وأهميته في حياتنا اليومية. كما ادارت المجموعة الكثير من الفعاليات والانشطة التوعوية والتثقيفية في المدارس والجامعات لتعريف الطلبة والشباب بالدستور وحقوق الانسان وتشجيعهم على التطوع والعمل المدني.

ومن أهم فعاليات المجموعة الاحتفال بالذكرى السنوية لتوقيع المرحوم الشيخ عبدالله السالم على دستور 1962 والتي تصادف 11 من نوفمبر. وستقيم المجموعة هذا العام احتفالا كبيرا في ساحة الارادة بالتعاون مع العديد من جمعيات النفع العام ومؤسسات المجتمع المدنية. وسيتضمن الاحتفال العديد من الأنشطة التوعوية والترفيهية لكل أفراد الأسرة. اذ خصصنا جناح للأطفال وآخر للشعر والأدب وعرضنا مسيرة الدستور باسلوب مشوق لكل الأعمار في جو من المرح في الهواء الطلق وعلى أنغام الموسيقى الوطنية بقيادة فرقة بلال الشامي. لذا ندعوكم وجميع افراد عائلتكم مشاركتنا الاحتفال بذكرى توقيع الدستور هذا العام وذلك يوم الأربعاء 11 نوفمبر في ساحة الارادة أمام مجلس الأمة الكويتي من الساعة ٥:٣٠٠ مساءً الي الساعة ١٠ ليلا


Ansam's five one eight blogroll

Five One Eight is one of my favorite destinations on the Kuwaiti blogosphere, and Ansam is for sure one of my favorite bloggers.

Q8 Black Market blogroll

Q8 Black Market is managed by 2 guys, Mohammed & Salem, and they’ve both proved that they have what it takes to keep you entertained and up to date. Keep it up guys!

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Frankom’s blog is diverse. He writes about everything, from politics to gadgets to the latest happenings in Kuwait.

Hope you guys enjoy these blogs 🙂


For my brother’s wedding (Milcha) we chose Jane Packer Flowers to take care of the flowers for this occasion. We called them to arrange for the whole thing, and they asked to visit us and take a look at the place so we could select where the flower would be and all. Then we chose the flowers and colors.

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