We were invited to Fondue restaurant today, and we went with a bunch of friends. We were asked to try out the dishes and give out honest opinions about the place. We had so many things to eat, and ended up with lots of pictures and a detailed review for you guys

The restaurant is in front of AlSalhiya complex. I entered the restaurant, and liked what I saw. The place was very nicely decorated. Great colors and seating areas. There were still 2 or 3 workers in there, putting some final touches here and there. I didn’t mind them. I took a long time just observing the interiors and the colors, it gave an impression of a casual yet chic modern french restaurant. The attention to details and the ideas for the seating areas were brilliant.

They’re going to have outdoor tables as well.

^how ’bout this table, huh? we liked the idea.

The menu was presented and I started to go through it. Lots of dishes got my attention, and I told one of my friends that there are way too many things that sound good to choose from, and he whispered “He prepared a set menu for us, you won’t be choosing anything, so just look at them and put the menu back.” That was a relief, coz I wouldn’t have known what to order.

Then food started to come in.

The Starters:

A Greek Salad, Caesar Salad, Fries (2 different types of fries: One topped with cheese, chicken cream and mushroom sauce. And the other one was topped with cheese and bolognese sauce). Fried Risotto and Mushrooms.

^ Greek Potato Salad

^Both salads had the dressings on the side. I know Mom would love this coz she, more often than not, hates dressings, unless they’re light.

The Caeser Salad, which isn’t you average caesar salad (they played with the dressing’s recipe a bit and named it Marc Anthony’s caesr salad) had bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, and the dressing on the side.

^What you see in here is grilled shrimps. Tasted very good and tender.

The Greek Salad kinda stole the Caesar’s moment. I didn’t expect to like it, actually I didn’t expect to like the salads in general (not a big fan of salads) but it tasted very good. The dressing with the weirdly shaped fried potatos on top were a good touch.

^Breaded Mushrooms & Cheese.

^fried Risotto on the right

^Now this dish is amazing. As I mentioned earlier on, there 2 kinds of fries, one topped with bolognese sauce and cheese and the other with chicken, mushooms and cream (there is another kind topped with pepperoni and tomato sauce but we didn’t try that). The chicken topped fries was my favorite. It had the prefect amount of everything. The cream with the fries came along very well.

The main dish:

Each fondue order comes with bread and pickles and your choice of 3 other sides. Beef, Chicken and Seafood are all available and come in 3 different kinds. For example if you order the seafood side with you fondue, you’re getting calamari, shrimps and fish. There is also a vegetarian order as well.

^mini meatballs


^Another kind of chicken

^Pesto Fondue

All the Fondue sauces are cheese based, and you get different flavors to choose from. We got the Pepperoni and tomato sauce (which tasted like the tomato base they use in pizzas), a Pesto sauce, and a mushroom sauce. There are alos many other sauces, I think 7 different ones, including what potentially could be my favorite; The original cheese sauce.

The dessert:

Mini cheese cakes. comes with 4 different sauces as well. It’s all about the dipping in this restaurant. Very good cheese cakes and the white sauce won big time. It went well with all the cheesecakes, very versatile.

^ This is their chocolate pudding. I don’t know why they’re calling it chocolate pudding, I hope I misheard the word pudding, coz this is definitely not a chocolate pudding. It’s a chocolate fondant. The best chocolate fondant in Kuwait. Period.

^Ice cream on a biscuit and chocolate sauce with butterscotch syrup.

My brother couldn’t stop raving about their expresso.

^ Tea fans are going to like this picture.

The food was extremely enjoyable and you could tell they paid attention creating the recipes.

I sat with the owner and he told me that he got the idea while watching a TV program about hotels and food. He said that he’s a food lover, he cooks and has created many of the sauces in this restaurant. Back in February when he first started working on this idea of a Fondue restaurant, he sat with a part time chef and came up with the recipes. He wanted to create something other than the usual Fondue, He thinks Kuwait wouldn’t be too acceptive of a regular cheese Fondue, and would want something interesting.

I couldn’t let him go on before stopping him and defending the original cheese fondue. I love it. I have tried it in Gruyere (The Vatican of Cheese Fondues of the world) and told him that how could anyone not love the cheese fondue. He convinced me that making a restaurant all about cheese is not something that will work out in Kuwait. But then again he assured me that the cheese fondue will be served, and is on the menu. He also said that he himself is a fan of the original fondue, and would want other cheese fondue-lovers come to the restaurant and get a taste of what started it all.

Keeping the original cheese Fondue intact, and available on the menu, he went and created new interesting mixes of cheese based sauces. The ones we tried were all of their new creations. They were masterfully done.

The menu had many other dishes besides the fondue, like sandwiches, burgers, and pastas.

We appreciated their approach and how at the end they were telling us that they don’t want to hear the good things we had to say, they were more interested to hear what’s bad. The things we didn’t like is what they wanted to hear. I liked that! A good start.

I mentioned little things that I didn’t like, like the risotto needed to be more solid coz it was falling apart as we were picking them, and they needed more salt as well. The meatballs needed more time in the pan. Nothing major. (I hate gushing over a restaurant in a review but there was nothing wrong with the place)

The verdict?

Great food and a brilliant interiors. This restaurant could easily be the IT place in no time.

FONDUE is in front of AlSalhiya complex, right next to Fauchon. The opening is on wednesday, the day after tomorrow.

To reserve a table call: 22996424 they’re open from 1pm to 11pm


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33 Responses to “Review: Fondue Restaurant”

  1. Me Blogging says:

    Elmokaan eyanen
    kilish ma tewaga3ta chithe. decorhoom 3a – jeeeeeeb
    Have to go there as soon as possible

    o swarik yousef..eyanenoon
    Mbayen makheth ra7tik betasweer
    by the way, shga3deen ysawoon eshabab? yeshemoon e6ofa??!!!

  2. Hamad2 says:

    My personal experience:

    -Mashalla, el mawqi3 3ajeeb .. el esteqbaal wel seating wel oo kelshay fel bedaya kan mratab oo 7ilow ..

    -Kel el dishes kanaw mumtazeen .. 7atta il variety of sauces !! ..

    -Wel dessert .. wow! 9ijj madre shino ohwa .. bas 3ajabny shloun ythoub oo 6a3ma 3ajeeb !!

    Thanks for the review (great pix btw)

  3. ban1 says:

    shay 7’a6eeeet shaklh yabellla enroooo7la bel 3eeeed
    yousef 9waeeeer 7’a6eeeera

  4. elma63am 7adda qawey …
    el decore .. sij kha6eeer … !!
    o bl nesbaa 7g el akeeeel !!!
    ana ma a7eb akeel sala6aa bss el Greek Salad sij kanat 3ajeeebaa !!
    o ham el bolognese fries ham kaan wayeeeed 7loo
    el Fondue sauces wayed 7lweeen o kho9o9aan mal el pizza
    & chocolate pudding kanaat shaaaay raheeeeeeeeb .. !!
    mashlalah allah yewafeg’hooom .. khoooosh shegheeel.. sij shay emrattab !!

  5. 1001Nights says:

    The location is amazing! We’ll have somewhere nice to eat aside from Lorenzo and Johnny Rockets after shopping. Now the restaurant’s decor looks very nice and the seating is so cozy BUT I really don’t like the neon sign, it makes it a bit too 80’s PLUS it contrasts starkly with the plants and the earthy coziness of the rest of the furniture.

    This reminds me of a restaurant I went to a couple of times when I lived in DC, it was called Melting Pot. I think your friend is right in that a restaurant all about cheese wouldn’t fly in Kuwait. Plus , sorry but the fondue experience for me is all about the new experience and not about the taste. Ya3ni it’s fun to try to do the whole dipping meat thing but doesn’t it taste 100 times better to just grill or fry? It’s great he’s got such a variety of other things on the menu so that people who don’t want the fondue can have a range of other things to choose from – salads and fries seem really tasty!

  6. Fawaz says:

    10/10 mashaala 🙂

  7. 7anToosh says:

    mashallah wayed wayed 3ajeeeeb fa an9a7 kol mowa6en kuwaiti 😛

  8. Bo9ale7 says:

    Yalla ana na6eeeeeer akeeeel feeeh !!!

  9. Seham.S says:

    I will invite my three precious kids.

  10. TwaiF says:

    amazing review!!
    whats your lens?

  11. Yousef says:

    Twaif, Thanks 🙂 Believe it or not, my best food pictures are taken with the cheapest lens in my collection. The Canon 50mm lens. it’s a great little lens.

  12. Ansam says:

    LOL about the tea triangles! I once posted a picture and asked everyone to tell me where to get those teabags from!

    So Thanks 😀

    Anyways… as I said on Buzberry’s blog… the place, interior, dishes, food, presentation… all look SO GOOD! 3alaikom bel3afia

  13. Marzouq says:

    To hell with the iPhone!!!! I’m all for BB, so much more useful and simply functional!

  14. Marzouq says:

    Loool! Sorry wrong comment, planning to check this place out.. The pictures do make me hungry thats for sure!

  15. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Wow! feels like chocolate bar when it first opened!
    I luv the variety of their food and creativity as u showed in ur pictures.. I’m definately gonna give it a try 😀

    ok Yousef, ma yqith?!

    The Fondue Melt Away replaced Hashi’s spot???
    I think its gonna be Kuwait’s new “Honey-Pot”

  16. Sorry, I wasn’t paying close attention…. you did say they specialise in fondue? Has Fauchon du the moved on making place for “Fondue”?

  17. Yousef says:

    Ansam I posted about the tea bags a long time ago as well 🙂


    Marzouq lol an iPhone hater huh?

    Wa6n_3Mri wallah ana wagt il dessert bala inqathait, kint khayef my friend ikhali9 il fondant chan ahawwis feeha 😛

    The Argumentative Palestinian I’m sorry I didn’t get you question?

  18. Ansam says:

    Awwww thanks a whole bunch! I was looking for an answer 😀

  19. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    LoOL Oh I know that feeling! like there is no tmrw! lool There is always room for dessert 😉
    Bl3afyah 😀

  20. the boudoir. says:

    I know the desigers really well! real good job they’ve done to the place! and the food looks good..especially the dessert:)
    Did u try the original cheese fondue? Is it good?

  21. nouf says:

    i was pleased with this rest. but nothing is perfect !!
    their stuff is not well tained 2 deal with customer reservation !! they have cancled mine due to untrained stuff !! and now am really angry 4 wht they put me through with my family ,,
    am stuck with no reservation for 2moro evening !!! and wht i get from them was SORRY !! like it will fix it ..
    plz if u do know the owner let them check on their stuff inorder to treat customer in a better way ..

  22. nouf says:

    am really really pleased from the call that i had recieved 2dy from the owner of fondue ..Really this shows that he really care about the rest. and his customers ..
    thaanx so much for the care and the respect and am really looking forward to go 2 the rest. 🙂

  23. Fatima says:

    After viewing these pictures, my family and I were really excited about eating there.
    When we entered, we were left to wait awkwardly in the middle of the restaurant, as they checked our reservations. At first, they didn’t believe our reservation and claimed we were early, and so the table they were going to seat us on was currently occupied, mind you, the restaurant was nearly empty. Finally, we were seated, then they noticed that we were not the customers they thought we were and so, they moved us once again. No apology included.
    When we ordered, the entire sandwich section was unavailable. The food was very disappointing.The bread basket wasn’t fresh. The baked mushrooms were bland; the pepperoni fries were very soggy; the onion soup looked much better in the pictures; and the pasta was over-cooked.
    Whats up with the colored toast and the cheesy music?
    The decor however was creative and enticing. I liked the bicycle 🙂

  24. Hype says:

    The place definitly made my top 10 worest resturants in Kuwait.

    Reservation fluff with the place half empty, horrible service and to top it all cold soggy bland food.

  25. mm hmm says:

    price list?

  26. Victoria says:

    i lived in switzerland two years and perfected the art of fondue. can someone explain to us purists how they have a proper cheese fondue without kirsch and white wine?

  27. jewaira says:

    I got this review in an email but there was no reference to your blog which is a shame.

  28. lenchapencha says:

    Dear Author somecontrast.com !
    I think, that you are not right. I am assured. Write to me in PM, we will talk.

  29. alanoud says:

    I read this review a few days ago and it really encouraged to try it. so I went yesterday with my husband first of all I was disappointed by how small the place was and that you could hear the next table conversation
    Second the food was horrible I tried the baked mushroom (stuffed with spinach and topped with cheese) the texture of it made me sick in my stomach it tasted like melo’7ia
    Then came the fries with bolognise sauce mind my spelling that was ok but very ordinary
    to our main course lasagnia and Swiss fondue all I can say is weeeeeeeeeeeeee3 lasagnia was salty and lacked any taste, the fondue was served with Americana sausage (come on couldn’t they find a more decent choice) meat balls, shredded steak and the hardest bread cubes ever
    For desert we had aleena pudding wich wasn’t a pudding although it was better than the entre and main course
    So my verdict: I give this rest 5 out of ten and for me I will not be back for sure

  30. RAWOOOBAH says:

    thanks for the peaople who said the food is horrible 🙂

    when i said that no one believed me ,, kilman gal no its nice its really horrible
    yuk yuk yuk
    i work b il9al7ya o kilyooom ashofa fa’6e ya9fer ma7ad eyeeeellla 9ara7a akla really bad

  31. ام فلاح says:

    ماشالله خووووش شي
    اموووووت بالفوندو

  32. NOSA says:

    تشووقت حدي اوحله و ماادري شلي خلاني اقرا من الكومنت من تحت و شفت رحوبه شكاتبه حاطني احباط و بعدين قريت رد العنوود قلت ويه ويه ويه اشوا اني مارحتله 🙂

    هذا نفس سالاد بوتيك الناس مدحته مدحته و لمن رحتله انصدمت من المكان الصغير و لمن طلبت الصلطه تيك اوي اول شي استمتعت فيها لأنها صراحه كانت لذيذه تالي شفت شي خلاني اكره كل سلطات المطاعم
    دووووده شكبرها وع وع وع وع وعععععععععع ماابي اقول شسويت عقب عشان ما تلوع جبوودكم

    دشيت عرض بس من الحره صج المظاهر و الدعايات خدااعه