Shoes Made of Bread_1

Looking for something unique? Then these edible loafers is for you, Best of all, you can actually purchase bread shoes here — priced at KD10 for adult sizes. More picture below.

Shoes Made of Bread_2

Brown bread edition 😉

Shoes Made of Bread_3

Shoes Made of Bread_4

Shoes Made of Bread_5

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This entry was posted on Saturday, November 7th, 2009 at 11:26 pm

15 Responses to “Shoes Made of Bread”

  1. ana.. says:

    esta8ferallah !

    why would i want to wear shoes that are made out of bread ! ;s ne3mat allah!! esta8ferallah walaa 7aram 3alahum..

  2. Abdullah says:

    7aram wallah,, ne3mat allah yalbesonha bryolhum !

  3. Deema says:

    I don’t understand, are they bread-like shoes or shoes-like bread?

  4. Ahmed says:

    اللعب بالنعمة ..!!

    استغفر الله العظيم .. اللهم لا تؤخذنا بما فعل السفهاء منا

  5. Mishary says:

    Guys I think they are not wearable .. they are for eat only.

  6. A.I. says:

    allah esam7hom

  7. M7 says:

    wayed mala da3y lol

  8. Danderma says:

    hathol lacoste?

    why on earth would i want to wear slippers that would give illusion that im stepping in real bread loaves?

    Laish ma ywaz3onhom b3d 3la il aid workers ib africa to wear them around hungry dying humans bel marra?

    Utterly distasteful!

  9. 7abooba says:

    etha kanaw yenlabson fa estaghfar alla .. o etha kana yenwaklon wayed ghali ! 10 KD 4 a bread !

  10. Mishary says:

    7abooba, ohwmaa yen’akloon.

  11. ana.. says:

    etha kanaw yenlabsoon wala 7aram 3alahum ..
    etha yenwakloon chena mala da3i 10 kd 7ag a bread ana ma3a “7abooba” ;p

  12. Deema says:

    then i think they’re really functional for food to be stuffed, it is a nice design to partially cover some of the filling and reveal the rest, however the package ;p

  13. Taqi says:

    استغفر الله

  14. Fahad says:

    there are people literately dying of starvation, and this idiot posts an ad that’s not only distasteful, but really dull.

  15. M&Ms says:

    استغفر الله العظيم ..
    عسى ربي ما يخفس فينا بسبه الناس اللي استهتروا بالنعمه