The Fridge Locker

Tired of your kids eating your chocolates or don’t want them to drinks coca cola in the fridge? With the Fridge Locker I think the problem is solved!. it’s basically “a small cage that you use for storing your own private food.”

It going to cost you around KD 5.700.

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 6:05 pm

5 Responses to “The Fridge Locker”

  1. Danderma says:

    momtaza! This is perfect for my husband who refuses to buy stuff for him self then he sees mine o devours them!!! Esp. Stuff i bring from the UK!!! Going to order one now!

  2. KTDP says:

    you should be able to keep things private in there ….. just saying some of us prefer it ice cold rather than luke warm with ice …..

  3. Whattheh says:

    I can see some mean housewives using it to prevent their maids from eating their food. I swear I personally know a filthy rich lady who keeps the tamween in her own bedroom so that the maids won’t take from it. Sick.

  4. niin says:

    I think we need to find a cage and lock the people who put chocolate in the fridge.