What Your Gonna See

You Have to go a couple of meters away from the monitor then you can figure it out and tell me what is it :)

Thanks Ahmad


This entry was posted on Monday, November 9th, 2009 at 12:23 am

9 Responses to “What Will You See?”

  1. Rakan says:

    elmo !


  2. khalid says:

    nice walla!


  3. 7abooba says:

    shay wagef bas madri shino ohwa 😛


  4. Suha says:

    shy wagef i think lion or bear ;p


  5. kholoud says:

    Actualy i saw sponge bob , bs he was shwai older :)


  6. kholoud says:

    Actuly i saw sponge bob, but he was older shwai o t3ban


  7. Scotch says:

    i saw winnie the poo.


  8. a weirdo version of winnie the pooh.


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