This according to the uploader is a rare footage of Diwan AlSager, AlGhanim, AlWazzan & AlOthman back in 1967.

I love seeing these old videos and I love hearing old stories too.

Thanks INM




I was told that this place got it’s hands on a cook or 2 from Caesar sweets (7alawiyat Qay9ar) and is now selling Caesar’s famous pizzas, croissants and other pastry dishes.

I tried some of their stuff and the pizza tasted good but not as good as Caesar’s since the dough was a bit dry and then over sauced. The Croissants however were identical! (Shameless recipe theft) Read the rest of this entry »


When I first heard about the idea of a modern Kuwaiti cafe I remember thinking “why would I go to a starbucks wannabe and have Kuwaiti milk at an outing?” That was harsh, I know, but that was how I felt. But then after trying their Cardamom & Saffron Milk at work, that thought evaporated. Having that Kuwaiti milk in a paper cup at work cozied up the place. I totally changed my mind about the place! I think it’s an amazing idea and I wish them the best of luck.

The current branch is located right behind Gulf Bank’s head office. And I was just told that Haleeb w Hail, the new modern “Kuwaiti” cafe is opening up another branch at the Avenues.

Thanks Om Hamoody





review velvet cup kuwait 11

Not another homemade cupcake you might say. Well let me tell you something.. Read the rest of this entry »


My friend ½ Cream Milk just told me that the Voluntary work center (photography center) are having their 9th exhibition at the avenues mall. I went last year and I enjoyed what I’ve seen. All the photos are taken by members of the center, and my friend contributed 4 of them. Not to be biased, all of their works are great, but I liked my friend’s work the most.

Make sure to pay a visit and see what they have to offer.

Where: In and the avenues phase II near Aïshti and Samsonite.

When: Open from 29th of december to 2nd of january.

Time: All the time.




Since my office got shifted to a new location, my computer position also changed, and my screen now has been easily looked at by collegues and they’d know everything I do. No privacy. It was really annoying, So couple of weeks ago I was found a solution for the problem, thanks to Ahmad, for telling me about the 3M privacy filter which is really do the job for me. All you need is to enter you monitor’s brand and model and it will automatically select the ideal filter.

For more details and pictures comparison click below.

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Don’t u feel that suddenly every one want to get white teeth? I know it’s a good thing and who wouldn’t want white teeth or whiter teeth in some cases. But I feel that it’s the new thing now. You hear about it everywhere and even see it on TV advertisements (which became 2 ads without me realizing at first!). And I can’t deny it, it does make the biggest difference in someone’s face and smile, so why not I guess.

There are some popular methods for example going to the dentist and having it professionally done or using whitestrips, and I think there are some teeth whitening pastes….I am sure that some of u are blessed with white teeth but my question is for normal people, did u try any of these methods? tell us ur experience and recommendations


My friends over at Football Directa gave me the honors of exclusively viewing their new totally revamped website, and let me tell all of you Football fans.. you’re in for a BIG surprise!

I knew they were doing a whole new website, I also knew they worked hard and spent lots of time trying to make it the best it could be, so I was expecting to see something great, yet when I viewed it, I was blown away. It has everything a football fan would want and all in one place! Breaking news, Live scores and results, All of the leagues news, articles, schedules, gossip columns and exclusive pictures!

Their new design and logo rocks by the way. Everything is set in a great layout with lots of drop-down menus for easy navigation. The picture above is not the whole thing, the main page is much longer with so much more information.

Oh, and it’s in both English and Arabic. I think this website is going to be HUGE!

The site will be launching tomorrow. They worked hard so make sure you let them know what you think!

Football Directa Website


GUST is having a talent show on new years eve and a fellow blogger, 1life2live, is giving away 4 tickets to the show. If you’re interested, all you have to do is leave comment on his giveaway post and you’ll enter a random draw. 2 tickets for each winner!

Check his post and leave a comment to win. LINK


According to Forbes list of friendliest countries, Bahrain ranks as the world’s friendliest country. Bahrain totally gets my vote too!

Check out the rest of the list Here.

Thanks Taymoor


I don’t know what’s so special about this board but Mishref’s mystery artist finds it irresistble and She/He keeps updating it every once in a while. Now we’re hooked! We can’t pass by without checking to see if there is a new message on.

Our friends at Q8BlackMarket got there first this time and captured the photo above. They also pointed out that the letters ‘LIE’ in the middle are painted in blue.

To see what was written the last time click HERE

Thanks Q8BlackMarket


Zain has released the new MiFi ads, watch them above and witness the “bower” 😛

We reviewed the wireless routers so if you want to know what the MiFi is all about and what we had to say about it click HERE.


I got this mug, which I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.. I was disappointed with how fragile and cheap it turned out to be. I should’ve gotten this cup instead.

I also got this Book Mark, it looks nice. it’s $9.99.

I’m thinking of getting this magnetic game thingi. I know I know! I’m getting a bit carried away.



We went to Wagamama restaurant in 360 mall the other day, and we chose to sit outside. They have this outdoor sitting area with a nice atmosphere. I enjoyed the setting even though it’s in a closed place and I thought it’s very nice place to have your meal, but you have to go prepared Read the rest of this entry »


This was released by the NBK a few weeks ago. Whoever was behind this idea must’ve felt quite nostalgic for the good old days. I took pictures of every page, english and arabic, and all the pictures are clickable for a bigger view. Have fun going back in time Read the rest of this entry »


I told you one time about Applebee’s and their Cowboy BBQ Sirloin Fajitas. I just went to their Mishref branch and had the same order again. I asked the waitress to make sure the fajita is cooked to medium, and again I was surprised at how good it is (we’re talking about Applebee’s here, so when I say good, I mean by their standards). This fajita is juicy and tender when it’s medium. I like it.

I had lunch at the Noodle House recently to try out their new addition to the menu. They added Green Chicken Curry, a dish I used to worship back in Dubai. Unfortunately it was way below my expectations.. it was too spicey (take into consideration that I’m a spicey food lover myself) I couldn’t enjoy the food because of how hot it was, and the chicken was a bit on the stinky side, and the curry itself was too concentrated and thick. I hope they get their act together soon.


A couple of days ago rumors spread that Zain has blocked iPhone’s ‘WhatsApp” application, and I didn’t know how these rumors spread since I have the application running with no problems whatsoever. Turns out that the Application itself had an update that affected only some of it’s users, incidently some of the users are Zain users:

* Bouygues Telecom, France
* SingTel, Singapore
* M1, Singapore
* Mobily, Saudi Arabia
* Zain, Kuwait
* Optus, Australia

Some time later WhatsApp released another update to fix this bug. So if you updated your application and it stopped working, update again to the latest version v2.4 and it’ll solve the problem.


Someone told me today about this studio and how creative the guy who runs the place is. I took one look at his portfolio and thought this guy should get more exposure (not that he isn’t doing great mashallah, I was told he is booked for a solid week ahead). His pictures and ideas are refreshing.

“Hamad Alshaijy, is a kuwaiti Photographer, who has established his own Studio of Modern and stylish Photography. He has got his Diploma in photography from UK. He is One of the Memberes in the Kuwait Voluntary Work Center ( KVWC ) Photography and Documentary Team.”

His studio is located in Burj Jassim and it’s called Mémoire studio.

Thanks H




If you ever wondered what Mario’s closet looked like, here it is. Presenting Mario’s wardrobe!

Thanks Ahmad


I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m buying this cool stapler that got no staples in it. Well I received it today and I’m gonna show you exactly how it works and whether it can replace regular staplers or not! Read the rest of this entry »