This according to the uploader is a rare footage of Diwan AlSager, AlGhanim, AlWazzan & AlOthman back in 1967.

I love seeing these old videos and I love hearing old stories too.

Thanks INM


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4 Responses to “Diwan AlSager AlGhanim AlWazzan & AlOthman in 1967”

  1. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Wni3M Wallah BL “NuwaKH’THaH” 😉


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  3. O.K. says:

    khosh video oo wen3m fehom kilhom


  4. Fereej says:

    wallah shai 7elo o ya36eekum el3afya
    o allah ya7feth elkuwait o ahalha


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