My friends over at Football Directa gave me the honors of exclusively viewing their new totally revamped website, and let me tell all of you Football fans.. you’re in for a BIG surprise!

I knew they were doing a whole new website, I also knew they worked hard and spent lots of time trying to make it the best it could be, so I was expecting to see something great, yet when I viewed it, I was blown away. It has everything a football fan would want and all in one place! Breaking news, Live scores and results, All of the leagues news, articles, schedules, gossip columns and exclusive pictures!

Their new design and logo rocks by the way. Everything is set in a great layout with lots of drop-down menus for easy navigation. The picture above is not the whole thing, the main page is much longer with so much more information.

Oh, and it’s in both English and Arabic. I think this website is going to be HUGE!

The site will be launching tomorrow. They worked hard so make sure you let them know what you think!

Football Directa Website


This entry was posted on Sunday, December 27th, 2009 at 10:47 pm

14 Responses to “Football Directa Fans The wait is OVER!”

  1. Faisal says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOh my God, Finally they returned, i really missed the all news that they used to publish i don’t know how tomorrow will come in order to see the deferences that they made i wish for them all the success and from now i will be one of the fans of this site.

  2. Mohammed says:

    Sorry but its a combination of tribalfootball.com (colours) and goal.com (layout), however its nice to have a kuwaiti advanced football library on the net 🙂

  3. Salem says:

    Seems like a very promising football website. Glad its made in Kuwait. I’ll have to check it out tomorrow and then fully comment on my experience.

    Mohammed: Your probably right about the colours of Tribal but its still nice and should not be rated as a negative but I can list you at least 5 sites that have the same layout as goal.com.

    Plus by the look of the picture with upcoming fixtures and league table features i dont think they share any common features with the information with any site.

    Anyhow we’ll give a test run and see.

  4. kwt23 says:

    i’ve been waiting for it…goal.com seems to have lost its touch 🙁

  5. loay says:


  6. ROUDAN says:

    welcome back.

  7. bu bader says:

    cant wait to c it 😀 good luck ! looks great 2 me

  8. AO says:

    WoOW shakla mu 6abee3y

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  10. love it says:

    i love the site and the design ! wonderful job!

  11. magician says:

    I like the new changes they did a good job with it but a little too dark.

  12. MKO says:

    awesome website there. keep it going. I honestly loved that blog.

  13. I just wanted to say what a excellent website. I totally enjoyed it.

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