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La Maison’s Mini Fondue Cake

La Maison's Mini Fondue Cake 1

One of our friends brought a couple of dozens of these Mini Fondue Cakes to the dewaniya yestreday. The cakes are little and almost a bite size. I thought they were reaally good, they were a smash actually, I ate atleast 6 pieces.

Nothing too special about them except they had this quality to them where you can’t stop picking one after the other. The little cakes had soft texture, as if they were underbaked, and the chocolate inside remained soft and melted even though they were cold.

I think this Home based business needs more exposure coz I know many of you will end up loving these mini fondue cakes.

KD2.5 for the dozen, and KD2 for delivery. Contact # 94011612

Thanks Ban1

La Maison's Mini Fondue Cake 2
^I didn’t have my camera with me, I mean they looked a bit better and more presentable than the picture above.