Bold 9700 available for same day delivery

A close friend of mine has 11 new Blackberry BOLD series 9700 available in Kuwait. He’s selling them for KD230 and offer a Free same day delivery.

Mention SOMEcontrast and get a KD5 off discount!

To order:
Email: we.sell.them@gmail.com
pin: 258700f1
Phone: +965 55552949 (sms)

Payment method: Cash on delivery.

Shipping: Free Same Day delivery

You can also leave a comment if you have a question and He’ll get back to you.


This entry was posted on Thursday, December 17th, 2009 at 12:13 am

13 Responses to “New BOLD 9700 Available for Same Day Delivery”

  1. Q8y says:

    call 55335500, sells sealed boxes for kd 220 and also offers same day free delivery

  2. M7 says:

    what if i mention M7 ? ;p

  3. Mohammed says:

    Sorry for mentioning this but Orbit Phone Sell it for 219KD and TWO YEARS warranty

  4. Popkins says:

    Is it comes with arabic keyboard ?

  5. Ali says:

    sorry for mentioning this also

    bs at alwatan newspaper for 17-dec … hatif 2000 is selling it for 195 KD with 1 year warranty..

  6. We Sell Them says:

    M7: mention M7 and u get a car charger with it lol

    popkins: no unfortunately, but it supports arabic

  7. khooosh se3er .. yabely a9eer min sha3b el BB !!

  8. TaLaL says:

    tawni shari wa7ed . 225 from i2

  9. fatma says:

    I just got my phone from these guys and it was amazing service! Within an hour of calling there was someone at my door with my new phone!!! I love love love the new BB. It works great and no one I know has it, which is great 🙂

  10. Mohammad says:

    Guys, Electrozan sells it for 184 KD with ONE YEAR WARRANTY ! BEAT THAT !

  11. Sam Warranty says:

    While surfing Yahoo I found your site…very interesting! I enjoy staying up-to-date about this type of information. I’ll definitely bookmark your page for additional review

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