I got this in an email and I just find this so interesting and want to share it with you guys. For those who can’t read arabic, I’m so sorry, I can’t translate the poem, and without the poem this post is meaningless to you guys.

You know the famous saying “ely yabeena 3ayat ilnafs tab’3eeh, wily nabeeh 3ayah albakhat layejeebah” ? I always thought it was just that, a famous saying, that has been used in songs, I didn’t know it was a verse in a poem, and that there was a story behind the poem. Here is the story:

There was a woman named Nora AlHoshan, who was married to Abod bin Suwalim. Nora and Abod had children together, but things went wrong and they ended up divorced. It was said that even after the divorce she still loved him dearly and longed for him, and that was the reason why she kept refusing the many suitors that came afterwards and did not accept any of the proposals.

One day, as she was walking with her kids near her Ex Husband’s farm, she saw him, and let her children go to their father to greet and talk to him while she stood far away waitingn. The kids came back shortly afterwards and they all walked away from the farm. Thats when she wrote her masterpiece of a poem.

The Poem:

ياعـين شـوفي زرع خلِّك وراعيه … شـوفي معَاوِيْدِهْ وشـوفي قِــِليْــبِه

ياعـين هِـلِّي صَـافي الدمع هِـلِّـيـه … وإلْيَا انتهى صافِيْه هَاتي سِرِيـْبـِه

من أول .. دايـم لرايــه نمـالــيــه … واليـوم جَـيَّـتْـهُـم عــلينا صعـيـبـه

وان مرني بالدرب ما اقدر أحاكيه … مصــيـبـة ياكـــبرها من مصـيـبـه

اللي يبــينا عــيت النفـس تبغــيـه … واللي نبي عــيا البخـت لا يجـيبـــه

Thanks 7antoosh


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  1. um-mit3ib says:


  2. Micky says:

    maskena 🙁

    walla ksart 5a6ri shno 9ar b3deen ?

    o akeed her has husband get married

    7adi tathrt ;D

  3. ban1 says:

    3ageeeeeeba 7’oooosh story

  4. HBZ says:

    ra7aw il 7ibeeeba il 9ijyeeen !

  5. Alya says:

    There’s also a song “samriya” using this poem. Very beautiful. I recommend you listen to it. You can find it in any of the music stores like Tarban (by special request I think).

  6. alanoud says:

    by the way the real problem was that her husband also wanted her but he already divorced her for 3 times