I didn’t know there was a puzzling history behind this island other than those stone faces. To tell you the truth, before reading about it, I thought it was near scotland (don’t ask. Click to know it’s location.) Well Let me tell you about this one mystery.

Easter Island have been puzzling historians and scientists. It is said that it used to have a large population and lots plenty palm trees, but today nothing can be found there, the island is deserted, and there is not a single palm tree on the entire island.

Scientists have been looking for answers for the disappearance of forests and palm trees in particular. They have developed many theories. I’m gonna share 3 of them with you:

Theory #1:
A thick layer of ashes was found in deeper layer in the ground, and it is wide spread, which led a group of scientists to believe that there was a huge fire that burned the entire island. The fire was caused, according to this theory, by a war. This theory went on to specify that it was an invasion not just a war, and this invasion caused the extinction of the entire population and the palm trees.

Theory #2:
Rodents took over the island. Rats found their way to island through ships that used to frequent the island. Dozens of palm nuts were found hidden in caves in the island. It appeared that even those palm nuts were not saved from the rats, and that chewed marks were found on the palm nuts, and that they were no longer could be used for regeneration purpose. Which ultimetely led to the extinction of the palm trees on this island. And this was the reason that led people to abandon the island in search of food and wood resources.

Theory #3: (I like this one the most)
People over used the palm trees as a source of wood until total deforestation. They used the wood to build shelters and roofs for their homes, and to help them as sledges to build those statuses you see on top of this post. One author posed a funny question, He said: “What were they thinking when they cut down the last palm tree?”

Side talk: This guy is asking what were they thinking? Isn’t the answer obvious? This is happening on a larger scale right now, in Kuwait, in the middle east, and in the world as a whole. What are we thinking right now is exactly what those islanders were thinking when they cut off the last tree!

I like theory #3 the most and think it could be the real reason behind the deforestation and the extinction of the entire population.


The Noodle House has new dishes to it’s menu. This is good news to me since I used to go there at least twice a week when I was studying in the UAE. I used to always have their green chicken curry, it was one of the best green curries till they took off the menu.. I hope the Kuwaiti version is as good.




We’re in Abdali since thursday and with time you grow tired of the usual activites. Having a camera in hand and an idea in mind can lead to flying friends.

Thanks HBZ & bo9ale7 for the poses.




Afandi Season_1

My Father and Mother buy Afandi (Tangerines) around this time of the year, every year since I was a little kid. They would sit in the living room and eat some, and the smell would spread across the living room and the entire house. It’s smell proved to be infectious and every member of my family would smell it and then ask for some, and the smell only got worse with every peel of those Afandis.

I used to not like it’s smell but 20 years of Afandi got me accustomed.

Afandi Season_2


type n walk

When you type while walking there is always someone who nags you to stop typing and look where you’re going. What bothers me is that something like typing an sms, email or a tweet should take less than 2 minutes, but instead it takes 10 minutes while walking. This little app solved this problem. It let’s you watch in front of you while walking.

To get it go to App Store and search for Type n Walk.


Bold 9700 available for same day delivery

A close friend of mine has 11 new Blackberry BOLD series 9700 available in Kuwait. He’s selling them for KD230 and offer a Free same day delivery.

Mention SOMEcontrast and get a KD5 off discount!

To order:
Email: we.sell.them@gmail.com
pin: 258700f1
Phone: +965 55552949 (sms)

Payment method: Cash on delivery.

Shipping: Free Same Day delivery

You can also leave a comment if you have a question and He’ll get back to you.


La Maison's Mini Fondue Cake 1

One of our friends brought a couple of dozens of these Mini Fondue Cakes to the dewaniya yestreday. The cakes are little and almost a bite size. I thought they were reaally good, they were a smash actually, I ate atleast 6 pieces.

Nothing too special about them except they had this quality to them where you can’t stop picking one after the other. The little cakes had soft texture, as if they were underbaked, and the chocolate inside remained soft and melted even though they were cold.

I think this Home based business needs more exposure coz I know many of you will end up loving these mini fondue cakes.

KD2.5 for the dozen, and KD2 for delivery. Contact # 94011612

Thanks Ban1

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zains mifi_1

Zain’s Marketing Department have sent us their new Zain MiFi device, which is not yet released in the market. Let’s start by telling you what it is first: The MiFi in a nutshell is a mobile router. And it’s size is almost exactly like the Blackberry curve size. This is getting particular attention and marketing, in most major cities, YEAH! Local has been delegated to engage in a multitude of “feet on the street” advertising with many paid actors involved.

We have put it through tests for 3 days now, and we have the results. But before talking about its functions and all, we’d like to point out that this thing is elegant! when we held it it looked like a women’s fancy compact makeup; Storage is easy with this thing. Its a mobile router that you can charge and then use wirelessly.

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Edit your text online

I found this interesting website called Zoho that let you edit or write your documents online without Microsoft Word. It also lets you “access and edit existing documents even without an internet connection. Offline document edits will be synchronized when you are online.”




For those of you who updated their BlackBerry to version 5.0 BBM and cant send or even receive any pictures, Its over now Research In Motion just officially released they fixed this problem, and I’ve already installed it on my wife’s Blackberry and i solved the problem, You can can download it by clicking HERE


the weather is too good to be stuck at class room

Whenever anyone says “the weather is too good to be stuck at work” a certain memory pops into mind.

I was taking a course in Kuwait University one year, and it was a Wednesday. Back then Wednesdays ruled! Well on that day everything was especially glowing; the weather was changing…clouds were crowding the sky. Ah it was a perfect day for an outdoor brunch.

As I was walking to the class with my friend, another friend of ours joined us, and he spoke about how the weather was too good to be stuck in a class room. We all agreed and nodded along until we got to the class.

Three hours later, I was in a car with a bunch of other close friends and we headed to SAS to have brunch. I didn’t attend the rest of the classes that day and kicked the weekend off early. And on our way there we witnessed a car accident, the car turned over and crashed, lots of smoke and stuff, but we weren’t close enough and we continued our way to SAS. We spent a great time that weekend because of the lovely weather. That guy was right, the weather really was too good to be stuck in a classroom.

Come Saturday, a friend and I were walking to our class room, and we stopped at an announcement board to read what’s new. That’s when we saw that A4 paper with the bad news. Our friend who didn’t like being stuck in a class room on a cool weathered Wednesday skipped the rest of that day’s classes, just like I did, and he went to the gulf road instead, just like we did, and he, unlike us, had a car accident there. Passed away on the spot.

I can’t forget how eager and happy he was that it was finally the weekend. May God rest his soul and protect us all.


Watch AlWatan TV Live From Your iPhone

Yeah and you can even watch KTV and Aljazeera channel directly from your iPhone without any extra setup. All you need is to install TVU app on your iPhone and you’re done. But be aware that its going to consume a lot of your data service if your thinking of using it with a 3G connection.


The Classic Where’s Waldo? is now on the iPhone, it costs around KD0.500 and can be downloaded from the App Store. I have it on my iPhone and I think it’s a very good time waster.



The Good: KFH just released a Blackberry application that covers all KFH news and promotions and is also a currency converter. The Bad: It doesn’t cover any real banking tasks such as account balance, bill payments or installment status.

If you want it, can click HERE, add your mobile number and they will send a link for you to download the application




Abercrombie kuwait

My cousin was at Omnia Mall in Salmiya and he came across this Abercrombie shop. He told me that it’s not a part of the franchise, and he also mentioned that he had his doubts when it comes to the clothes, but he’s not sure.

Does any one know if the clothes are genuine or fake?


I got this in an email and I just find this so interesting and want to share it with you guys. For those who can’t read arabic, I’m so sorry, I can’t translate the poem, and without the poem this post is meaningless to you guys.

You know the famous saying “ely yabeena 3ayat ilnafs tab’3eeh, wily nabeeh 3ayah albakhat layejeebah” ? I always thought it was just that, a famous saying, that has been used in songs, I didn’t know it was a verse in a poem, and that there was a story behind the poem. Here is the story:

There was a woman named Nora AlHoshan, who was married to Abod bin Suwalim. Nora and Abod had children together, but things went wrong and they ended up divorced. It was said that even after the divorce she still loved him dearly and longed for him, and that was the reason why she kept refusing the many suitors that came afterwards and did not accept any of the proposals.

One day, as she was walking with her kids near her Ex Husband’s farm, she saw him, and let her children go to their father to greet and talk to him while she stood far away waitingn. The kids came back shortly afterwards and they all walked away from the farm. Thats when she wrote her masterpiece of a poem.

The Poem:

ياعـين شـوفي زرع خلِّك وراعيه … شـوفي معَاوِيْدِهْ وشـوفي قِــِليْــبِه

ياعـين هِـلِّي صَـافي الدمع هِـلِّـيـه … وإلْيَا انتهى صافِيْه هَاتي سِرِيـْبـِه

من أول .. دايـم لرايــه نمـالــيــه … واليـوم جَـيَّـتْـهُـم عــلينا صعـيـبـه

وان مرني بالدرب ما اقدر أحاكيه … مصــيـبـة ياكـــبرها من مصـيـبـه

اللي يبــينا عــيت النفـس تبغــيـه … واللي نبي عــيا البخـت لا يجـيبـــه

Thanks 7antoosh


SOMEcontrast on facebook

Be part of our growing virtual family on SOMEcontrast‘s fan page on Facebook now. click HERE and add yourself! 🙂


I must have this mug

This mug looks extra cool! I love it. I’m gonna buy it right now. You can find it HERE. It’s called laboratory beaker mug and It’s $9.99.


I ended up buying the mug above and the “staple free stapler” and the “Book Mark” below:

I must have this mug - staple free stapler think geek
^Staple Free Stapler (Self explanatory: Staples without using staples)

I must have this mug - book mark think geek
^Book Mark

Cool store! and they deliver directly to Kuwait and have accepted my Kuwaiti visa card instantly. Actually NBK just sent me an sms confirming the purchase. Zippy!




Paranormal Activity

We saw Paranormal Activity yesterday. We were 4 guys at the shalaih watching the movie and we couldn’t take our eyes off the tv (it was tense and spooky). The movie is about a couple who start hearing things: whispers and thuds in their living room and bedroom. They buy a video camera and start filming and waiting in hopes for things to happen so they could get them on video.

Things do happen. The whole movie is shot using this handheld camera technique which gives it a nice edge, and makes it kinda real.

Loved the suspense throughout the movie and the minimal affects. Disappointing ending though.




Jigazo Puzzle

This special jigsaw puzzle is big right now in Japan, and they’re unlike anyone you’ve seen before. What make this one special is your ability to assemble the 300 pieces together in a way to create any face you want. Your face? your friends? Everything’s possible!

If you couldn’t do it, you just have to contact the company by sending them your picture and they send you the combination to assemble the pieces the right way. Apparently there is a number for each piece of the puzzle and therefor you can follow their combination to create your own portrait.

Japanese Site