Turn Your iPhone into Playstation Controller_1

With the iHandstick you can turn your iPhone of iPod Touch into Playstation controller controller and enjoy the full iPhone gaming experience  and its also compatible with iPod touch 2G / 3G and iPhone 3G / 3GS owners. But my only y doubt  is whether our thumbs can easily reach the virtual buttons on the screen?

Turn Your iPhone into Playstation Controller_2

If  you still interested, it going to cost you around KD 5 plus shipping which you can order it from HERE.


Kuwait Traffic Diversion Map small

I heard it was a mess yesterday for some of you trying to commute between 12 and 2:30pm, so here is a map of the diversions. Click on the picture for a bigger version.

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We were recommended this cafe by a couple of people, we were told that it’s an old classic cafe near hotel le maurice, and that it serves one of the best hot chocolates in Paris. We got there and it was crowded, the tables were mostly full, and the place is huge inside, so yeah it was crowded. We ordered a club sandwich because we were starving, a tuna club sandwich Read the rest of this entry »




After going through many hotels on the net my brother decided on Hotel Chateau Frontenac. It was one of the more affordable ones and was close enough to the Champs Élysées. The hotel ended up being a very good choice. We needed a room with 3 beds coz we were 3, Me, my Brother, and Mr. ½ Cream Milk. So they gave us the junior suite, and we knew what a junior suite in a hotel in europe meant, it meant a room that fits 3 people (not fancy), nothing more and nothing less Read the rest of this entry »


Have you ever wondered how they make these burgers and fries in any Ad. mouth watering? Click the video above and you will know the answer 🙂

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Seems like Ansam & 360Dewan made a post about it too!





What would you do

I would kill this guy.

A husband who discovers he is HIV positive in 2004, tries twice to inject his wife with his blood, and successfully get her infected, by injecting a needle wit his blood while she’s sleeping, just so she wouldn’t leave him.

The woman felt a sting twice at night, and when she asked him if he had done something he denied it.

The woman is said to have agreed to stay married to him even though he is an HIV positive person for the sake of their children.

Seriously I would kill him.





Everything is delivered to your homes nowadays, and this is no different. Warsha takes care of your computer problems, Kinda like what the shops in Hawally have been doing for ages now, but this one looks neat and hopefully better.



I entered a toilet in Singapore’s airport and couldn’t help but notice how clean the toilet is and that the smell was pleasant. Then, and as I was washing my hands I noticed this screen on the wall where it featured 4 faces, the faces of employees responsible of cleaning the toilets, and the guy who was handling the cleaning that day was highlighted. The screen lets you evaluate the toilet’s condition and put in your feedback and the person with the best feedback results gets something.


how-did-the- computer-smiley-start Scott E  Fahlman

Back in 1982 the usage of online bulletin boards were common and they used to communicate and discuss all sort of stuff on those boards. They used to have a problem understanding some of the posts. Some of the posts were intended as a joke, or someone was being sarcastic, but then some wouldn’t get it and start a whole fight and rally up against what was supposed to be taken as a joke.

Then, on September of 1982, a bunch of guys were at their computers typing away suggestions to help solve this problem. They came up with the idea of labeling a comment or mark it with something that would make it clear that the comment is a joke and isn’t intended to be taken seriously. Some of the guys suggested:

“I think that the joke character should be the sequence {#} because it looks like two lips with teeth showing between them.”

“No, no, no! Surely everyone will agree that “&” is the funniest character on the keyboard. It looks funny”

But then came along this one guy, who typed a message that would leave a lasting impact on computer users all over the world. And this is what he had to say:

“19-Sep-82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman
From: Scott E Fahlman

I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers:

: – )

Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark
things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use

: – (“

And just like that, it snowballed, and the computer smiley was created!

Sources: #1 & #2




iron man 2 poster

I didn’t know they were working on a sequel! I loved the first movie (I was skeptic and didn’t bother to watch it at first, but then when I did, I enjoyed it a lot). Iron Man 2 is to be released on May 7th of 2010 and I look forward to seeing it!



The Playstation's side effects kim sears andy murray tennish player

Andry Murray the internationally famous tennis player, ranked 4th in the world, has been dumped by his girlfriend, Kim Sears, and the reason: He plays way too much Playstation! up to seven hours a day.

Heads up guys o deerobalkom!


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2 Girls picking after trash

As I was going through my pictures I came across a picture I took of my friends, and in the background were these 2 women. We were at the beach when we saw these 2 women carrying 2 big black bags, walking along the beach picking and cleaning what other trashy people threw away.

I don’t clean up after others so I won’t be preaching when it comes to that, but I don’t trash either, and I wish we’d take this issue more seriously. You know what I do when I have something I want to throw when and I can’t find a bin? I put it in my pocket! I can always throw it out laer. You won’t be fined if you were found with a tissue or a little plastic wrapper in your pockets…


I just came back from a one week vacation in Paris and I miss it already.

I spent the first day of Eid in Kuwait with my family and flew to Paris at night. We arrived in the morning and we didn’t spare a minute and went straight to La Duree for breakfast, after dropping our luggages at the hotel Read the rest of this entry »


P.F. Chang Kuwait avenues

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When we first decided to go to Singapore I’ve tried to do some Google search on the restaurant there, and wrote a list of restaurant to choose from, one of them was Lawry’s. Let me first talk about it’s theme, well it reminded me a lot of Entrocote but not the food, it doesn’t have a set menu or any thing but I mean the decor and the waitresses who dressed like a french maids.

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As I mentioned before this was my third visit to Singapore, and also my third stay in Marriott hotel which I think the main point of choosing this hotel for three times in a row for it’s location, you can’t imagine how close this hotel to the malls or how this hotel is located in between the malls which makes it unbelievable, I used to book the standard room for about KD80 per night including breakfast, but this time one of my friends recommended the Pool Terrace room which costs me KD118. For more details of the pool terrace room click below.

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Ohh Singapore.. where can I start, this country is growing in a fast forward motion! it was my third time there (invited by my friend Kyung, who runs several moving services in parts of Singapore), and each time there are new things to visit. This country will suit many people, people who like electronics and others who have kids and like adventures they can visit Santosa Island or go in a night safari and last but not least shopoholics they will Love Singapore especially Orchard rd, this is the main street in Singapore where u can find the most famous brands Dior, Fendi, Prada, Valentino, Hermes , Cartier… you name it! We even found a photo booth hire in Singapore this time, to take some fun pictures!

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