Paranormal Activity

We saw Paranormal Activity yesterday. We were 4 guys at the shalaih watching the movie and we couldn’t take our eyes off the tv (it was tense and spooky). The movie is about a couple who start hearing things: whispers and thuds in their living room and bedroom. They buy a video camera and start filming and waiting in hopes for things to happen so they could get them on video.

Things do happen. The whole movie is shot using this handheld camera technique which gives it a nice edge, and makes it kinda real.

Loved the suspense throughout the movie and the minimal affects. Disappointing ending though.


This entry was posted on Friday, December 11th, 2009 at 5:05 pm

9 Responses to “Paranormal activity”

  1. kholoud says:

    looool, i watched it last night too,,, did you notice that most things happened at 3:00 am,,,, we were in the middle of the movie by that time and horrified ( Me , my habby and brother in law) :p any way, it was real but kinda boring but to be honest i was terrified at the end,,,the hand camera thing was so good and made even more creepy

  2. Adam says:

    There is apparently a few different endings. Which ending did you see?

  3. Bo9ale7 says:

    I didn’t believe it. Its suppose to be real cam capturing. But what I noticed that real ghosts still shuts doors really strong and switch on tvs on no channel with loud buzzing sounds. Ya3ne alyananwa may3arfon ekhar3ona ela bel tv wela e9ekon albab 7el ?

  4. Marzouq says:

    I like getting freaked out! Gotta see this movie!

  5. Ansam says:

    I was told this movie was the scariest of all… I was thinking yalla lazim ashoofa! I was really disappointed. Its long and boring, and not scary at all. I mean there were parts (FEW ones) where it was jumpy, but… nah!

  6. Adam says:

    the movie isnt real

  7. purpleram says:

    I saw it last night and I agree it was disappointing. Sort of like the hype that was created by The Blair Witch Project a few years back.

    That said, the original ending here (not the one shown in cinemas) is relatively creepier. It is available online but I suggest for maximum effect watch it on a bigger screen rather than the computer monitor.

  8. Id enjoyed it more if there were a point to it all.. which I never did see… there was no real story line. Girl haunted by ghost since shes 8 follows her around.. bf pisses ghost off… both end up dead. THE END! Majority of the time were watching them sleep… wth is so scary about that!? Fast forward thru the sleep scene around 3ish each night… ghost does something “spooky” cut to next morning… “OMG look the door closed! Granted if this were to happen to me in real life id need a box of adult diapers however… this is a movie and watching it on film… just isn’t scary in the least. Its boring, drawn out (much like my post), comical(and not just the scenes that were meant to be) and well anything BUT scary.