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Paris (The Hotel)

After going through many hotels on the net my brother decided on Hotel Chateau Frontenac. It was one of the more affordable ones and was close enough to the Champs Élysées. The hotel ended up being a very good choice. We needed a room with 3 beds coz we were 3, Me, my Brother, and Mr. ½ Cream Milk. So they gave us the junior suite, and we knew what a junior suite in a hotel in europe meant, it meant a room that fits 3 people (not fancy), nothing more and nothing less

^C’est Moi! and right in front of me there is a good cafe/restaurant. We had breakfast twice and a dinner once. And it’s right in front of the hotel.

We got to the room and we thought it looked nice. It was a bit old fashioned, but that’s because our room was in the old section of the hotel and not the renovated one.

The staff were all very friendly and helpful, which is rare considering Paris’s other hotels. The hotel is also very close to the Champs Élysées, it’s 2 minutes away and is a 5 minutes walking distance from Avenue Montaigne. The location was perfect.

^Don’t mind goofy. The picture is taken from my friend’s blog, and he uses disney characters to cover the faces.

In short, if you’re looking for a nice cozy hotel that is close to the champs and top notch service, I recommend this 4 stars hotel.

Some of the pictures were taken from ½ Cream Milk‘s post.